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By Leah And Sarah

TITLE: The Truth About Fiction.

AUTHOR: Leah and Sarah

EMAIL: and

RATING: NC-17 (overall)

CONTENT: Slash (m/m and f/f), sex, sappiness.


SPOILERS: None, there's no roster split.

SUMMARY: How truthful are the fics found online?

DISCLAIMER: We don't own any of the recognisable names mentioned in this fic. They are owned by themselves and WWE. We are not saying this has or ever will happen, that's why it's called fiction. We made it up!

DISTRIBUTION: Please ask us first but we aren't likely to say no.

Part One.

'God this is boring.' Jeff Hardy thought to himself as he looked on another wrestling website. He had been sitting at his laptop for the past three hours in his and his boyfriend's hotel room. Chris was asleep, and had been for the past two hours, leaving him in a state of total and utter boredom.

Looking over the screen he looked down the tabs on the side. He sighed until he saw one that read 'Fan Fiction', a little curious Jeff clicked the link and a page of authors came up. Leah, Sarah, Carley, Stephy, Vonnie and Kelly. He clicked on one and looked at the list of names of stories that cam up. He read the warning by them. Het. NC-17. Slash. Incest. Vampires.

He click on one that said f/f slash. As the writing that was the story appeared on the screen he slowly read over the first line.

'Watching her across the ring she looks so athletic, so young, so innocent."

Suppressing a giggle Jeff continued to read over the story. Loving the fact it was about two of his co-workers. The pure and wholesome Molly Holly and the brutal miss Jackie.

'What would they think of us now as I stand here in the showers, watching you soap up your beautiful body, one i long to touch, kiss and love.'

"God this is great!" Jeff said to himself as he continued to read as Jackie approached Molly in the showers and the women made love. He rubbed a hand of his crotch as he felt himself growing hard from the words written on the screen. He moaned as his head dropped back against the chair.

Bringing himself back to reality he looked over at his sleeping lover. Jeff slowly made his way to the bed and crawled up over his lover. "Chris." He whispered in his ear as he kissed him. "Time to wake up." He again whispered in Chris's ear before pressing his desire against the sleeping man and kissed him again.

Chris murmured quietly in his sleep and tried to push the weight that had joined him off the bed. Jeff was persistent though and continued gently kissing and pressing himself against his boyfriend. Chris finally relented to Jeff's continuous ministrations and opened one eye,

"You can be such a pain in the ass, what do you want?"

The look in Jeff's eye was enough to tell him he would not be getting much sleep that night! Jeff grabbed Chris' hand and dragged him over to the illuminated computer screen. Although slightly confused Chris got himself comfortable in the oversized armchair before Jeff sat on his lap. The laptop was balanced on the arm of the chair before Chris got a chance to see what had gotten Jeff so excited. Looking quizzically at Jeff he asked,

'Slash? What the hell is that?'

With an evil giggle Jeff clicked a 'Steph/Trish' link and replied,

'Exactly what I was thinking. Just read and you'll understand!'

Chris frowned but scrolled down the page and started to read.

**They both knew they weren't supposed to get along but that's what made their relationship so special.**

"You got me up and out of bed to read love stories. Have you lost your mind!?"

"Shut up Chris and read!"

Sighing he settled in the chair once again and continued reading.

**Trish reached out and brushed a strand of hair out of her lover's face. 'Steph' she whispered, 'Steph are you awake?'

Not getting any response, Trish frowned wondering what it would take to wake her sleeping lover.**

Chris started laughing hysterically which caused Jeff to elbow him in the stomach.

'It's not funny! This stuff is amazing!'

Chris wiped a tear from his eye. "But Steph and Trish? Like that would ever happen. They can't stand each other."

Jeff pouted at Chris's words.

"No-one would ever believe we were in love but we are! Why shouldn't others find happiness?"

Chris grew serious at Jeff's words and placed a gentle kiss on his boyfriend's lips.

"Sorry baby, I'll keep reading."

As Chris read on he couldn't help the stirring in his groin. And he knew Jeff could feel it to as he kept wriggle his ass against the growing bulge.

'As I watch you move above me I can't help but love you, everything about you is perfect and your mine, all mine.'

Chris read on as his co-workers made love on the screen in front of him. He placed a arm around Jeff's waist as he still sat on his lap and slowly ran his hand over Jeff's erect manhood.

Jeff moaned against the touch of his lover, he leaned his head back and continued to moan as Chris continued to send pleasure through his body.

Chris kept reading, his own erection becoming painful with need as he listened to Jeff's moans.

'Trish slid a two fingers into her lover and slowly moved it, making the brunette writhe under her, calling her name over and over as she was sent to the edge and over and through ecstasy as her walls connected with Trish's slick fingers.'

"Get up." Chris ordered Jeff. And Jeff obliged and was then led to the desk in the bedroom where Chris placed the lap top. He made Jeff stand against the desk, slightly bent over before removing his boxers, leaving him naked. He then removed his own before closing that story and opening another one.


"I read that one." Jeff said as he felt Chris kissing his back.

"I don't care sweetie...I want us to read it together, whilst I fuck you senseless."


Part Two.

Jeff and Chris sat opposite each other in their locker room sharing sly glances and smiles at each other. The other members of their group, Stephanie, Jackie, Lita, Torrie, Rhyno and Matt, sat around, oblivious to the couples amusement.

Raw had start 20 minutes earlier and Trish had just destroyed Molly Holly in the centre of ring, 'payback' for the previous week's brass knuck attack. In the ring they were sworn enemies but in reality they were great friends. All the group were good friends. No-one knew about Chris and Jeff's relationship, neither thought the rest were ready for it. Lita and Matt's relationship had begun just before they began dating on-screen much to the relief of all their friends. The two of them had started flirting months before but it had taken Stephanie's match-making skills to get the two together. Rhyno and Torrie were slowly growing closer together though both were too shy to push things along. Not knowing the two as well as Lita and Matt made Stephanie hesistant to interfere.

Stephanie suddenly broke the silence that had descended over the room by clpping her hands,

"What a great match that was! I'm glad we gave Trish the chance to hold the belt again."

Stephanie sat in the middle of Rhyno and Matt Hardy on the sofa in the middle of the room. She watched Trish walk up the ramp with a huge smile on her face. Jeff and Chris locked eyes once again and broke into fits of laughter.

Looking at both men like they had lost the plot Matt couldn't help but smile when Jeff doubled over with laughter and fell off his chair. "What's up Jeffro?" He asked as he watched Jeff pull himself back onto the chair.

"They....we....she....were...." He stuttered out as he continued to laugh, his sides starting to hurt and his breathing became more difficult.

Matt laughed as his brother tried to regain control of himself. And Chris tried to do the same on the other side of the room.

Just then Trish walked into the room after having got back from her match and having had iced down. She looked at the people there with confusion on her face. "What's going on?" She asked sitting down next to Stephanie, only making Jeff and Chris who had resumed normal laugh again. "Ok, What did I say or do? Was I flashing at the camera again?" She asked referring to the way her trousers slipped down in the ring on occasions.

"No. These two are just having a funny five minutes." Steph said looking at Trish out of the corner of her eye.

"How's Molly?" Jackie asked. "She looked like she hurt herself."

"I think she did, I'm not sure. I forgot to check on her after I came back stage."

"Well, i think I might go find her." Jackie announced standing up. She turned on her heel and looked at Jeff and Chris as the doubled over trying o stop their laughing. As Jackie approached them she looked at Jeff and then at Chris. She grabbed Chris and pulled him from the bench he was sitting on and pulled him to where Jeff sat and she took hold of Jeff by the neck and banged their heads together. Making the rest of the room laugh and them shut up holding their heads and pouting. "Nobody laughs at Miss Jackie."


Part Three.

Chris and Jeff were back in their hotel room for the night. Chris was lying back on the bed as Jeff was again on his computer. Just as Chris let his eye lids fall shut Jeff pounced on him.

"You really think I'm going to let you sleep tonight?" He asked grinning with nothing but bad intentions in his eyes. "I have a lot on my mind and you are going to help me with it." He said pulling Chris so he was sitting up.

"Jeff, last night was great but..."

"But nothing. I let you fuck me four times last night and I couldn't walk today and now you are going to repay the favour."

"But I..."

"Don't bottom? Well, tonight you do." He said pushing his arousal against Chris, causing him to moan deep in his throat. Jeff the pulled Chris to the end of the bed and made him strip his clothes of before Jeff attacked his lips.

After dominating Chris in the kiss Jeff decided that he would share the diva's slash he had found. the author was LittleMissXtreme. Jeff laughed at it knowing he and Chris would soon be getting xtreme.

Jeff sat down at the desk chair the Marriott hotel placed at the desk in the small room. Chris stood by him as Jeff played with his own cock whilst opening the file he had saved about twenty different diva's slash fics in, he had been bored earlier.

As he and Chris read he pulled Chris to his knees and made him kneel in front of him. "I'll read and you sweetie give me the best head you can because you never know I may return the favour." He said kissing Chris before feeling Chris's mouth slowly take in his cock, the hot wetness surrounding it. the slow erotic sucking from his lover send waves of pleasure through his body until he was almost un-able to read the words on the screen.

This fic included a new couple, Lita and Torrie. Despite knowing they were both happy with the men they either had or were currently chasing it didn't take Jeff much to imagine these two women together. He knew they were close friends but he doubted they had ever been *this* close.

Chris continued teasing Jeff as he read aloud from the computer screen. The scene he read was different to the others. This wasn't a love story. It was pure sex and both men were loving it.

Jeff felt himself getting close and pushed his lover of his cock. Reaching for the lube he had placed next to the chair he looked pleadingly at Chris. It wasn't often Chris bottomed but he knew Jeff needed it and nodded slowly before taking the tube from Jeff's shaking hands.

The story was forgotten as Chris sat on the edge of the desk and coated his own fingers in the cool gel. Jeff's eyes watched Chris trace a line down the centre of his own stomach, round his cock and down to his entrance. Jeff's jaw dropped as the fingers teased the entrance and one was slowly pushed out of his view. Both let out a low moan as the slick finger slowly stretched Chris allowing another finger to be added.

Jeff stood shakily up as he watched his lover finger himself. His cock was hard and throbbing, almost painfully so. He watched Chris slowly removing his fingers and placing his hands one the edge of the desk as he felt Jeff's cock pressing against his butt.

Jeff didn't coat his cock with the tube of lube that sat on the desk, he was to horny, to needy. He parted Chris's legs slightly and placed his hands on the blondes hips and slowly pushed the head of his cock into Chris's tight heat. Chris moaned loudly from the pleasure and pain the cursed through his body.

The pace started slow, they both knew this wouldn't last long and wanted to draw it out as long as possible. Chris wrapped his legs round Jeff's lean body and pulled the younger man even closer. Their breathing quickened the pace increased.

Chris leant back against the wall and wrapped his hands round his aching cock. Jeff stopped showering Chris in kisses to watch his boyfriend draw himself closer to his climax. Moans filled the room along with the sounds of skin hitting skin and ragged breathing.

Jeff knew he couldn't last much longer and let his hand join Chris's. With both hands pumping, Chris took a deep breath and moaned as he came over both their stomachs. Thrusting his hips a few more times brought Jeff to his own climax which caused him to collapse against Chris.


After a long hot shower the two men curled into each other in their bed.

"Do you think the divas have ever read those fics?"

Jeff lazily opened one eye before he responded. "I doubt it, I think we would have heard something before now if they had. What I want to know is who writes that stuff?"

Chris rolled onto his side and pulled Jeff towards him,

"We ain't gonna get any answers lying here. Just get some sleep and we'll see what we can find tomorrow."

Part Four.

Once again Chris and Jeff found themselves sat in a locker room waiting for the start of Smackdown. The only difference being this time was they were alone. They were determined to find out if anyone knew about slash fiction, and if they did why hadn't they spoken about it sooner!

The guys settled down when voices were heard outside the door. Smiles broke out across their faces when Torrie and Rhyno walked in, holding hands! Jeff was the first to speak once he had taken the time to hug Torrie,

"I'm glad you two finally got yourselves sorted! You two belong together."

Blushes broke out across both their faces and Chris laughed. "Jeff, sit down, you're embarassing them!"

Once they were all sat Chris decided this was the best opportunity they would have to question the couple.

"Hey guys, have you two ever heard of anything called 'Slash Fiction'?"

Another blush broke across Torrie's face which she quickly tried to hide but Jeff caught it,

"Torrie knows something, she's blushing! Come on girl, you've gotta share it with us."

She squirmed in her seat as all eyes turned to her. As she fidgetted in her place she rubbed her hands to gether and finally lifted her head.

"I don't know much about it. Just what it is."

"And how do you know?" Jeff asked leaning forward.

'Well...well...I have read some...You see I started a website a while back, when I was in WCW. I loved the WWE so I built up a site for it. Then one day a group e-mailed me about the site asking if they could put some fan fiction up. I asked what it was and they explained all the different kinds."

"Like?" Chris asked.

"Het, slash, incest...vampires...all stuff like that."

Jeff and Chris looked at each other in wonder. They hadn't read anything beyond female slash. This was amazing. Jeff turned to Torrie,

'Well we came across a site called'

Torrie quickly made eye contact with Jeff and looked away,

'Er well that would be my site. It's been up for about two years now. The layout isn't very good but the writing I've had sent to me is fantastic!'

'So' Jeff asked, 'Who is the author? Some of those stories are amazing!'

'The author? There is more than one you know! You must have stuck to one section. There are lots of regular writer's on my site. Carley tends to stick to fics involving Kevin Nash and if she can throw in Trish she will do. Leah writes a lot about you Jeff, you seem to be her favourite. Sarah jumps around a bit, she doesn't really like sticking to one character too long. She will try to put Rhyno in wherever possible though. Stephy's faves are Jay and Matt and Vonnie loves everything including you Chris and the Undertaker. Kelly doesn't write that much but her's usually involve Al. They're the main contributors to the site, I don't really know anything about the others that send me fics. I'll post anything people send me.'

Just as Jeff was about to ask her about 'LittleMissXtreme' the door opened to the locker room and the rest of the group arrived. Torrie took the chance to leave the little interogation and almost ran over to Steph and Trish. Chris and Jeff shrugged, at least they were a little closer to finding out about the mystery writer.


Part Five.

The evening went without a hitch and the group was currently sat in a quiet bar not far from their hotel. The owners of the bar were huge WWE fans and had sectioned off a seating area so they could relax without being hassled by fans all night.

Jeff and Chris hadn't had time to question Torrie again about the writer's of the fics on her site. Once Raw went on the air someone was always in a match or had just finished one. Things were pretty hectic backstage that night. They settled knowing that they at least knew a little more about fan fiction.

Looking round the room Jeff's attention was caught by a familiar group on the dance floor. All the divas had grouped together and were currently trying to teach each other outrageous dance moves. If only more of the fans got to see the women like this, he thought, they all looked so relaxed.

Jeff smiled at Chris, who was obviously thinking the something. He leaned across their table and whispered to Chris. "Wouldn't it be great if hose stories would be true."

"Who would be with who?" Chris asked as he downed the last of his drink.

"Well, I've been thinking." Jeff said moving to the chair next to Chris. "I think, this is just an idea mind, but I think Molly and Trish."

"Why Jeffro?" Chris asked out of growing curiosity.

"Well, I know that fic was about Molly and Jackie, but look at those two. They have been dancing with each other for an hour and the little touches."

"You reckon?" Chris asked, staring at Molly and Trish laughed together. He looked back to Jeff who was studying the other diva's, his eyes fell on torrie, who was dancing with Terry, and not a very tasteful one at that.


"You know the guys are watching us don't you?" Molly asked Trish. Jackie had been hurt in her match and was at the hotel waiting for Molly to return.

"I know. But they wouldn't have a clue about us lot would they?" She said laughing and watching Molly. "I think I'm going to find Steph."

"Ok, I'll catch ya later hun." Molly said over the music.

"Yeh do that."


Looking over the group once more Jeff noticed something that made him shake his head in disbelief. It looked like Steph had her hand and Trish's ass! Shaking his
head again as well as rubbing his eyes he looked over to the women and this time he was certain. She definitely had her hand on Trish's ass!


Part Six.

"Did you see them!!??" Jeff said as he and Chris stumbled back into their hotel room.

"Jeff, it's your imagination. There is no way in hell Stephanie McMahon and Trish Stratus area couple!" Chris said as he began to undress.

"It's not Chris!" Jeff sad stamping his foot as Chris continued to ignore him. "CHRIS! Listen to me! I saw them!"

"Jeff get some sleep." Chris said getting under the covers of the bed.

"Chris!" Jeff snapped again stamping his foot.

"What? What do you want to do about it? Just walk up and say 'Hey Steph I know you're the boss's daughter and all that but were you groping Trish's ass in the middle of the club? Yeah that'll go down well!"

Jeff looked stunned at Chris' outburst and Chriswas instantly by his side.

"I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean to snap. It's been a long couple of days and I'm tired. Can we just forget about it for tonight and we'll talk properly tomorrow?"

Jeff let out a slow breath and nodded. "Sorry to push it Chris. It..I..I just thought if they were then it would be easier for us you know? We wouldn't have to keep it hidden from everyone. I guess I'm just tired of hiding from everyone I care about."

"I know babe, I know."


Trish and Steph lay in their bed, Trish snuggled close into Steph's side.

"You know Jeff was watching us awfully closely tonight."

Steph looked down to the blonde woman before replying,

"Really? Do you think he suspects anything?"

"I'm not sure." Trish turned her face towards Steph. "Things would be easier if
someone knew though."


Molly sat in front of the dressing table brushing her hair straight whilst Jackie lay on the bed watching.

"Did you have fun tonight Darling?"

Molly turned to the older woman with a bright smile,

"It was great but it would have been better if you were there!"

Sighing gently, Jackie sat up before replying. "I know hon, but we don't want people to suspect anything until we're ready do we?"

Placing the brush on the side, Molly rose to her feet and sat on the edge of the bed.

"No, not yet! But one day..."

"Yeah babe, one day!"


Waiting for Chris's breathing to slow down and deepen as he drifted to sleep. When it did he got of the bed and went to the window, the moonlight glissening through the now open curtains. Tears trickled down his cheeks. He love Chris with all his heart buut he couldn't keep this in much longer, Matt didn't even know about them His dad didn;t know he was gay.

His whole life was a bundle of lies and secrets. And he was sick of it. He never said anything to Chris because he knew how determined he was to keep it between them. Jeff hadn't minded at first but now, it was now slowling getting to him, yes he loved Chris and Chris loved him, but the only thing he could do was let Chris make love to him to fill the emptiness he felt inside of him.

He turned back and looke dat Chris sleep. He smiled at how piece full he looked. God what he wouldn't give for the battery on his lap top to be flat. He needed to feel that love.