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A Future Changed

By Leah!

Rating: PG-15
Disclaimers: I have no claim on them...if I did do you seriously think I would of have time to write this?
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Sitting alone this room I couldn't decide which hurt more, my knee or my heart. I've seen the one I loved hurt more and more and I was powerless to stop it.
As I rub my hand over my chest I decided it is my heart, nothing hurts more than seeing the one you love suffer, right?
Wishing I could be with him, but I can't. He's black and blue all over. I can't bare it. He's slowly hiding away more and more. Crawling back in a shell that took me years to get him out of.
He was the shy kid of the school, he had only one friend, which he still has, but apart from that I am his everything.
He trusted me to protect him and I couldn't even do that. He's in there by himself because I'm to scared to look at him, knowing he will hate me for not being there when he needed me.
Knowing that if i was there he would be fine, and we would be fine. We're being pulled apart and we can't do anything about it. We can't stop it. We both want too but it's impossible.
Without him I'm nothing, he's my life. My everything. Without him I'm know one.
Who am I? Answer it if you can, because I can't anymore. Not without him.
~*~ The end ~*~