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By Kay!

This story contains slash.


     CONTENT: Het, Slash m/m, incest, rape, gore
     DISCLAIMER: Don't own the characters, they own themselves or Vince does. I don't know their true sexuality,
     this is just fiction. For the early ancestors of some of the characters, I made up names.
     DISTRIBUTION: Darkflame, Kriket, Amanda, Melissa, if they want it.
     SUMMARY: AU. Vampire/Werewolf, need I say more? *grins* This is in response to a challenge by Jade.

     Jade, I hope this is what you had in mind.


     Over two hundred years ago, a plague of supernatural evil swept across the land. It threatened to practically
     devour mankind.

     In the midst of the horror, a group of men, known as the slayers appeared. Consisting mainly of wealthy
     businessmen and priests, they stepped forward and vowed to rid the land of all supernatural creatures known as
     vampires and werewolves. Annihilation was their goal.

     The slayers met their match with the fierce leader of the vampires, Lord Marcus. His army of undead was
     increasing and was unstoppable as the sun set. Every attack that the slayers attempted failed miserably. The
     darkness of the night became feared.

     The only obstacle standing in Lord Marcus' way to complete control was the werewolf pack. The leader was no
     ordinary wolf. He had made his way here all the way from Africa to start his own pack. Along the way, he had
     earned the name of Rhyno, for his fierce and unpredictable behavior.

     The slayers knew that they had no chance against both of these supernatural creatures so they decided to pit them
     against each other. Let them kill each other.

     Feuds between the two creatures became common and were often deadly. Causalities on both sides became
     great, until both leaders decided to meet and settle the territorial dispute between themselves.

     On the chosen night, the moon was full and a sense of anxiousness and dread filtered through the night air. In a
     clearing both creatures met, face to face, fang to fang.

     Unbeknown to them, a warlock had been brought in to ensure that there was no winner. While the battle
     proceeded, he cast a spell on the two creatures sealing their fate and his.

     All in attendance gasped as the two creatures fell to the ground with a sickening thud and lay motionless as if
     they were dead.

     Lord Marcus and Rhyno growled and snarled, but where unable to break free of the spell. They were unable to
     move except their mouths. The warlock walked over and looked down at them, but said nothing. His features
     were hidden by the red hooded cloak that he wore. "I'm sorry," he softly whispered as he left them defenseless
     against the humans.

     Lord Marcus and Rhyno were surprised when the humans didn't slay them. Instead they placed them inside of a
     hidden tomb below a huge monastery. They were sealed inside of lead coffins.

     "Here you will lie for an eternity and repent daily for your sins against mankind," Abram McMahon growled.

     Lord Marcus quickly used his link with his two lovers to locate them, but gasped as he was forced to watch
     through their eyes as they were slain by the unmerciful slayers. He shivered and growled in outrage as their
     beautiful heads were severed from their bodies and a stake driven through their hearts. He went silent. He, too,
     wanted to join them in death. He had no reason to live.

     Rhyno growled and snarled as he sensed that his pack was being hunted down and slaughtered one by one. He
     felt the link between him and his mates disappear and he knew that they were dead. A pitiful howl escaped his
     throat as he joined Lord Marcus in a fierce longing for death.

     When the night drew to a close, a great silence fell across the land. The slayers patted each other on the back as
     they counted the number of vampires and werewolves that they had slain. The countryside was littered with the
     bodies of the slain.

     As the first rays of the sun broke across the horizon, a single female vampire clawed at the hard ground
     underneath her as she dug a shallow grave to protect her against the sun. She smiled at the small wolf pup that
     watched her with intense yellow eyes.

     The young pup huddled close to her wondering why his mother had hidden him and ran away. Who were the
     mean men chasing them? The female vampire paused and caressed the pup's cheek. "Be brave, Will Hardy, our
     day of revenge will come. Cover my grave with the grass and then crawl in with me."

     The pup nodded in understanding. Even though their species were at war earlier tonight, they were the last of their
     kind and a fragile bond had been formed between them.

     Back in the dark confines of the small tomb, an evil alliance was forged between vampire and werewolf. Heaven
     help the human race, if the creatures regained their freedom, especially any descendants of the slayers.

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     I smile as I hungrily gaze down upon the handsome young man that moans and squirms underneath me in pleasure.
     I feel his seed trickling from me as his hard member still slowly thrusts up into me.

     His body is still trembling from his orgasm and my subsequent drinking of his blood. I can hear his heart beat
     slowly returning to normal. Even though I drink from him nightly, I've never take enough to hurt him. Just enough
     to satisfy my craving. He's a strong, healthy male and his body quickly replaces the small amount that I take.

     I can safely say that I have never killed an innocent. And Chris Jericho is about as innocent as they come. He had
     been so shy when I first met him. He was still hurt and heartbroken over his ex-boyfriend that had dumped him. I
     had promised that I could make him forget about other men in one night. He had laughed at me and didn't take me
     serious, but that night we had mind-blowing sex and I bonded him to me. After feeding from him, I bit my wrist
     and let a small amount trickle into his open mouth. No matter where he goes, what he does, I know.

     I lick my lips as I look at the two small puncture wounds on his exposed neck. I gently brush the stray lockets of
     hair away. My vampire eyes follow the small trickle of blood that slowly seeps from the two small wounds. Before
     the blood can drip onto the sheets below, I lean down and lap at the spilled blood, savoring it. He moans
     helplessly under me. I lick at the wounds and smile as they instantly heal, hiding my secret from my lover and from
     prying eyes of others.

     I growl slightly as I wiggle on his cock. I'm enjoying sitting astride of his firm, compact, muscular body. I'm
     reluctant to move as I look down at him. He's such a beautiful specimen of male beauty. He's perfect. I reach out
     and caress his long, flowing mane of blond hair that cascades perfectly around his shoulders. I smile as I look into
     his piercing blue eyes that seem to look into the depths of my very soul.

     "Wake up, Chris," I whisper, releasing him from the trance that I placed him in while I fed.

     His eyes flutter in confusion. "Trish," he moans as he stretches. "Did I pass out again?"

     I smile wickedly and nod.

     "You're going to be the death of me," he whispers as he raises up and kisses me tenderly.

     "Maybe," I whisper, winking at him. I wrap my arms around him and he does the same.

     We hold each other like that for several more minutes, rocking back and forth and just enjoying the feeling of
     being one.

     I want desperately to bring him across to the darkness and make him my mate, but I can't right now. Doing it
     would risk everything that I've worked so hard for. It's been 200 years since that horrible night that the slayers
     came and destroyed everything that I loved. I alone had survived. Why? I not sure, but there had to be a reason.

     It took me years to track down the slayers responsible for killing my brothers and sisters of the night, but I killed
     them one by one. Yes, I made the murders look like accidents. I may be blonde and female, but I'm not stupid.

     But alas, the descendants of the slayers lived on. I should have killed their entire families, but I couldn't bring
     myself to kill innocent women and children. The slayers are still out there. Waiting. There's not as many as there
     was then, but they are deadly and have the unfair advantage of hiding behind masks of normal humans.

     My hand slides up Chris' back and he shivers as he buries his face between my voluptuous breasts. "Stay the night,"
     he whispers in an almost pleading voice as he clutches me to him tighter, clinging to me.

     I smile as I pull away, slowly allowing him to slip from me. It's funny how a woman always feels empty and
     incomplete without her lover buried deep inside of her. I turn my back to him as I dress. His sad expression
     always makes me want to crawl back into bed with him, but I can't. I wish desperately that I could explain it all to

     "I can't," I whisper in regret and sincere honesty as I turn and face him.

     "Why not? It's not like you're going to turn into a pumpkin at dawn or anything is it?" He asks with a slight smirk
     as he crawls toward me, his cock swaying heavily between his legs.

     I can't stop the giggle that escapes my throat. "No. More like a pile of ashes."

     He frowns in confusion. "You're so silly, Trish," he whispers as he crawls closer. He suddenly reminds me of a lion
     on the prowl with that blond mane of his.

     His sweaty body glistens in the pale lighting of the room, and I long to lick every drop of moisture away, but
     there's not time. I place my index finger to his pouty lip, silencing further protests. "Tomorrow night, my love.
     Sleep, my Chris Jericho," I whisper.

     He smiles and nods as he crawls back upon the bed and lays down. I watch until his eyelids flutter shut and then I
     leave. I always hate controlling him like that, but I can't risk him following me.

     As I close the door behind me, I realize that I don't deserve him. All that I can offer him is the dark gift of eternal
     life. What good is eternal life if you're unhappy?

     I betray him nightly with my sinful visits to his room. I whisper my lies and make love to him, fulfilling my desires as
     I drink from him.

     As I walk to my lair, I pause at the monastery where my master lies in wait. I stare at it, silently cursing it's
     occupants. I stare at the huge equipment that has been brought in, and a smile slides across my face.

     Unaware of how close I am, the tip of my shoe touches part of the holy ground and starts to smolder. I immediately
     step back and glance around to make sure that no one saw.

     I sigh in relief that no one is around this time of morning.

     My master calls out to me as if reading my heart.

     "He will be yours soon, my child," Lord Marcus whispers to me from the confines of his tomb. "The night will be
     ours once again."

     I smile as the words comfort me.

     "Tomorrow the demolition of the monastery starts and I shall once again walk the land," he whispers.

     "The sacred earth will be desecrated," I whisper happily.

     "Yes, my child. Then Rhyno and I will be free. Tomorrow night, we will reclaim what is rightly ours. You have
     located the brothers?" He asks anxiously.

     "Yes, master. In this life, Edge and Christian are not brothers, but best friends. Their names are Adam and Jason."

     I hear a deep, lustful growl issue from his throat. "Adam and Jason," he whispers as if savoring the names.

     "Yes, master. I plan to make contact tomorrow and prepare them for your.....claiming."

     He chuckles at my choice of words. "Very good, my child."

     I hear the werewolf growl. "What about my descendants from the pack?"

     I smile. "You have two male descendants. Brothers. Matthew and Jeff Hardy."

     "Brothers," he growls. I can hear him licking his lips in anticipation.

     "Go my child, the sun is approaching," my master whispers.

     I smile as I walk away quickly. Remembering back 200 years ago when I had to claw a shallow grave for myself
     and the small werewolf pup. I remembered the fear that surged throughout my body.

     Soon it will be the slayers turn to look for a place to hide as my master tracks them down. I will enjoy hearing
     them scream and beg for mercy as my brothers and sisters did 200 years ago. Their pitiful cries will echo into the
     night until Lord Marcus has had enough and decides to rip their throats out and tear them to shreds for the
     werewolves to devour.


     I smile as I listen to Trish read the incantation that will release Rhyno and I from the spell that was cast upon us. I
     sense her presence now that the ground is no longer holy, but desecrated.

     My body tingles as the spell is ended. I growl as I use my fist and knock the lid to my coffin open, roaring as the
     foul, stagnate air of the tomb filters into my nostrils.

     I look over and watch in amusement as Rhyno rips the lid off of his coffin. He grins at me as he sniffs the air.

     The sweet smell of freedom.

     Quicker than a human eye could detect, both of us jump from our coffins and rip the door to the tomb open.

     I smile as I see the small, delectable Trish standing before me. She drops the book of magic as she bows
     submissively before me.

     "No more lonely nights for you, my child. First we claim my mates, and then you shall be allowed to chose your
     mate. What is his name.....Chris," I growl.

     "I know where they are, Master. I sent them dreams of you last night," Trish said as she smiled sweetly showing
     her small fangs.

     "Where are my descendants?" Rhyno growls impatiently.

     Trish smiles as she hands him a piece of paper with an address on it and a small piece of cloth. "Their address and
     a piece of cloth ripped from Jeff's shirt."

     Rhyno smiles as he sniffs the cloth, growling at the scent of the young male.

     I chuckle as I smell the werewolf's arousal. I have a feeling that the two young werewolves are in for some serious
     rutting tonight, 200 years worth.

     Trish watches amazed as Rhyno transforms into a huge, black wolf and disappears up the long flight of stairs in
     search of the two male pups.

     "Come Master," Trish whispers seductively, "I will lead you to my brothers, your mates."

     I can barely control my emotions as I climb the long stairs to freedom. As I step out into the night for the first time
     in 200 years, the first thing for me to admire is the full moon. "Hello stranger," I whisper to my night time constant.
     It has been so long since I've felt the cool night breeze caressing my skin and it feels so good. I look at the tall
     buildings and the strange flying objects in the sky. I can't help but eye my new hunting ground with growing
     skepticism. "So much has changed."

     "But so much as stayed the same, Master," Trish whispered in reassurance as she handed me a bundle of clothes.
     "Fresh clothing will help you blend in with the mortals."

     I lift an eyebrow as I inspect the black leather pants before putting them on. "They are too tight," I growl as I shift
     uncomfortably in them.

     She blushes, "No Master, it is the style. You are what humans today"

     "Sexy?" I ask confused.

     "Hot," she whispers.

     "No, I'm not hot. It's quite comfortable out here."

     She giggles. "No Master, you look hot."

     I look at her confused. "That is a good thing?"

     "Oh yeah," she whispers as she licks her lips hungrily.

     I shake my head confused as I pull on the strange shirt that she has given me. It doesn't cover my arms and I look
     at her confused. "Someone must have ripped it."

     "It's a muscle shirt," she whispers as she caresses my arms, admiring my many tattoos.

     "Humans have strange dressing habits lately," I growl.

     She giggles as she holds up a black jacket. I smile as I read the inscription on the back of it. "Deadman, Inc."

     "Won't the humans know?" I asked concerned.

     "They won't even have a clue," she whispers as she helps me slip it on. She then bends down and pulls her jacket
     on. It has the same inscription on the back of it.

     "Come on," she giggles. "Let's go get Adam and Jason."

     I frown as I follow her into the new, strange, wonderful world of the living. I suddenly long for the uncomplicated
     old world. The landmarks that I once knew are all gone, and standing in their place are tall buildings that seem to
     have no end.

     As she leads me down a busy path of people, I see some humans pretending to be vampires. I laugh out loud in
     amusement, and she grins at me. They do not know that they are in the presence of the true King of the Undead.

     Trish pauses as she stands outside of a brightly lit, loud establishment. I smiled as I read the name. "Heaven."

     "They are inside?" I growl.

     "Yes, master," she whispers.

     My eagerness to be reunited with my mates causes me to storm into the building. Pausing as a huge hand gripped
     my arm. "Whoa, where do you think you're going?" A large human male growls.

     "Remove your hand or I shall remove it from your body," I growl.

     "Boys," Trish growls as she pushes in between us. She's small, but powerful.

     The tall, blond hair bouncer laughed as he looked down at her. "There is a cover charge here," he growled.

     Trish grinned as she pulled some green paper from her pants pockets. "Keep the change," she growls as she looks
     at the man's name tag as he releases my arm.

     I can tell that Trish is reading his mind as I am. He's not interested in her, but he's really interested in me. For a
     brief moment he looks into my eyes, and I grin as I place him in a trance. I glance around and make sure that no
     one is close to us. I hear his heartbeat as it increases as I lean closer. My tongue licks along his neck, savoring the
     feel of the artery underneath.

     He jumps a little as my fangs penetrate the soft tissue of his neck, but I hold him firmly. Trish taps my shoulder and
     I reluctantly pull away, licking at the puncture wounds, smiling as they instantly heal. I pull away and release him
     from the trance.

     I smile as he releases my arm and blushes, completely unaware of what I had just done.

     "Later," Trish whispers grinning.

     I smile as I follow her, glancing back at the big man. "Yes. Later, Kevin Nash," I whisper as I lick my lips,
     savoring his taste. He will make a wonderful addition to the night.

     As we ventured further into the dwelling, I frown as my keen senses were assailed by the foul smell of ale and
     smoke, mingled with the scent of male arousal.

     I searched the room for my two angels and find them on the dance floor. Slowly we made our way to them. Both
     young men completely unaware of our presence.

     I sniff the air, and a low growl escapes my throat as I smell their arousal as they grind their bodies in all sorts of
     erotic movements.

     I look around the room and notice that all eyes are looking at them.

     I growl possessively, but know that I can't cause a scene with this many humans. They can gaze upon them, but
     they will never touch my angels.

     Trish and I approach carefully. I reach out to Adam with my mind, sending him erotic images of all of us together
     in bed. I see him tremble as his arousal increases. He pulls Jason closer as he leans down and kisses him

     Trish reaches out to Jason's mind, sending him erotic images of all of us together. He whimpers as he clings closer
     to Adam, melting into his embrace.

     They are so caught up in the music and dance that they do not notice us, until we are right behind them. Trish
     closes in on Jason and pulls him from Adam, dancing with him seductively and provocatively as she places him in a

     Adam starts to protest, but I pull him to me. Before he can scream, I look into his eyes and send him images of us
     together. He's always been the strongest of the pair, and always edgy. That's why I chose the vampire name of
     Edge for him.

     He moans as I lean down and kiss him. His eyes flutter as I trail a path of kisses down his chin to along his neck.
     My tongue flickers at the large exposed vein. If I didn't have an audience, I would claim him right now. He
     whimpers as he feels the sharpness of my fangs scrape against his skin.

     I reach out to Trish and we slowly leave the dance area, much to the disdain of the human's who had been
     watching them.

     I wrap my arm around Adam's waist as I lead him outside, growling at any male who reached out for Adam. Trish
     does the same with Jason.

     Tonight, they will be mine once again. Together we shall rule the night.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     I follow the scent on the cloth. My senses are so keen after 200 years of imprisonment in a stale tomb that I think
     I could track them from anywhere.

     I smile as I slowly make my way up to the huge ranch style home in the secluded woods.

     My smile widens as I hear them.

     Changing back into human form, I creep up to their bedroom window.

     A soft growl escapes my throat as I see the older brother mounting his younger brother.

     Jeff moans in pleasure and submission as he lets his older brother rut on top of him. He grips the sheets as Matt
     leans down and nips at his shoulder.

     "So beautiful," Rhyno thought, "But soon you both will learn that I am the Alpha male."

     Rhyno stroked his huge, leaking cock as he searched for an entrance into the dwelling.

          ~JEFF'S POV~

     I jump as I hear a faint noise from inside of the house. It sounded like glass being broken, but I'm not sure. I've
     been having nightmares lately that have really began to affect me. Damn, we should have went partying with
     Shannon tonight. I glance backwards at Matt, but he has his eyes closed as he rams into me. He's so lost in the

     I silently stare back at him, admiring his beauty. His face is damp with perspiration. His hair is damp and falls in
     long dark ringlets around his face.

     I hear a faint thud and my heart starts to beat faster. It's getting closer.

     "Matt, did you hear something?" I whisper nervously.

     He merely moans and shakes his head. "It's your imagination, Jeff. There's nothing in the house. We locked the
     windows and doors together, remember?" Matt whispers as he grips my hips and thrusts harder.

     "But....?" I whisper, stopping myself before I made a fool out of myself again.

     Matt had been so patient with me lately. The nightmares have gotten me so scared and edgy that I can't sleep
     without Matt beside of me, and I'm having a hard time telling the difference between reality and make believe.

     "Shhh, it's alright," Matt coos as if reading my mind.

     Another thud. This time, I swear that I heard a slight growl. I glance back at Matt, but he acts oblivious to it.

     "Matt....," I whimper.

     He continues to ignore me. Frustrated, I pull away from him.

     I feel him slide out of me. "Jeff!" He groans in frustration.

     "Matt, I heard something. Something is in the house with us," I protest as I turn and lay on my back, pulling him
     down beside of me.

     "It's probably Liger scratching at the door," Matt quickly retorts, rolling his eyes.

     I know that he thinks that I'm imaging things, but he's wrong. Ever since I talked to Father Shane, I've been having
     these dreams. No, they are definitely nightmares of wild wolves chasing Matt and I. We are running as fast as we
     can, but we stumble and fall. I wake up every time as the biggest wolf lunges forward to me.

     I snuggle closer to Matt, frowning as I feel his hardness pressing against my leg. I want to apologize to Matt, but
     he places a finger to my lips and motions at the window.

     I glance outside and see the soft streaks of lightning in the distance. Then Liger starts to bark aggressively.

     It was Liger. I close my eyes as I allow a sigh of relief to escape my lips.

     "Told you so," Matt smirks as he leans down and kisses me.

     I suddenly feel so stupid and embarrassed, but as soon as Matt kisses me again, those emotions are quickly
     forgotten as they are replaced by another.......desire.

     I spread my legs, allowing Matt to slide in between them. I look up at him and see the love in his eyes as he lifts
     my legs upon his shoulder and slowly enters me once again.

     "I'll make you forget those dreams," Matt whispered.

     I moan in pleasure as he starts a slow, but steady thrust into me. I feel so safe with him. My big brother. My
     protector. My fingernails claw at his back in an attempt to pull him closer....deeper.

     I'm close to coming as I catch a glimpse of something at the door to our bedroom, hidden in the shadows. I gasp
     as I see a pair of yellow eyes watching us.

     "Matt!" I scream as I squirm underneath him. I watch as it enters the room, slipping into the shadows of the room.
     I can't make out it's true form because of the darkness, but it's definitely not human. "IT'S IN THE ROOM WITH
     US!" I scream frantically as I try to make Matt aware of the danger.

     My eyes glance around the room nervously.

     Matt sighs as he grabs and holds my wrists above my head. "Jeff, stop it! There is nothing in the room with......"

     Matt is cut off as he is suddenly pushed forward onto me. The look of surprise on his face as our eyes locked
     frightened me even further. It had us. It had us both. Matt screams as the creature closes in on his back, shoving it's
     huge cock into Matt's unprepared entrance, ripping a horrible scream of pain from Matt's throat.

     I stare, too numb from fright, to scream any longer.

     The creature smirks at me as he looks down at me. I feel faint as I realize it is the same creature from my dreams.

     "Hello Jeff," it whispers between sharp canine teeth.

     I whimper as I stare in disbelief. It's a cross between a man and a wolf. A werewolf?

     I try desperately to wake Matt up, but he's out cold.

     The beast chuckles at my frightened whimpers as I realize that I'm completely alone with him in the darkness.

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     I've helped my master retrieve his two lost mates and now I prepare to leave and meet the love of my life.....Chris.

     I watch as Marcus carefully prepares Adam and Jason for the dark gift, arranging them beautifully on the huge
     bed. I see the longing in his face. He, like I, thought we had lost them forever on that horrid night two hundred
     years ago, but fate is a funny thing.

     I never really believed in past lives before. That is until I became a vampire. Your point of view drastically

     "Good night, Trish," Marcus whispers to me.

     "Good night, Master," I whisper as I bow in respect and disappear, longing for the taste of Chris and the feel of
     his body against mine.

     "Trish," he calls out once again.

     "Yes, Master."

     "Bring Chris across."

     I smile at being given permission to give my one desire the dark gift.

     ~ADAM'S POV~

     I hear a faint snap and my vision clears. It was as if I was in a daze.

     I glance up at the big man that looms over me.

     "Who are you?" I whisper, turning my head and noticed that Jason was laying beside of me, staring at the ceiling.
     It was as if he was in a trance or something. "Jason," I quickly whisper.

     I jump as the huge man gently caresses my cheek. "He's fine, my beloved."

     I brush the man's hand away as I scoot up on the bed, watching the man skeptically.

     "What have you done to him?" I growl.

     The man chuckles. "He is merely in a trance."

     "Release him!" I growl, more deeper this time.

     The man lifts his eyebrow slightly in amusement at the tone of my voice. "Not until I have brought you across to
     the darkness," the man whispered as he revealed his long, sharp fangs.

     I tried to scream, but he placed a finger on my lips silencing me. "My name is Lord Marcus, King of the Undead."

     I stare at him in shock, too terrified to move. This is madness.

     He chuckles as he leans forward and gently brushes his lips against mine. "You, my angel, are the reincarnation of
     Edge, my beloved mate. He was killed 200 years ago by the Slayers."

     "Edge?" I whisper, the name sounded vaguely familiar to me for some reason.

     "Yes," Marcus whispers as he leans in closer, pulling me back underneath him.

     As I look into his eyes, I feel my body relax as if he is controlling it, or does it know him. A shiver runs down my
     spine as I feel his warm breath upon my neck. His tongue flicks out and traces along the taunt curve of my throat
     causing me to whimper and moan.

     He chuckles as my legs spread for him. He slides in between them, pinning me to the bed.

     "As much as I want to make love to you, I must bring you across to darkside, my angel. Then we will have an
     eternity to get reacquainted," he whispers softly as he starts to nibble and suck at my neck.

     As his razor sharp fangs pierce my neck, I'm helpless to resist. I feel my life literally being sucked from me, but
     continue to lay helplessly underneath my attacker.

     When he pulls away, I gasp frantically for air. It feels like I'm smothering.

     "Relax and I shall give you what you crave," he whispers as he bites into his wrist, ripping the flesh and allowing his
     blood to flow freely. I'm surprised when he presses it to my lips. "Drink," he commands.

     My mouth is so parched that I quickly obey, lapping and sucking hungrily at the offered crimson liquid. He smiles
     in approval as he strokes my hair with his free hand. "My angel," he whispers to me as I suddenly feel nauseous
     and sick.

     "What's wrong with me?" I ask frightened.

     "Your body is dying. When you awake, you will be one of the undead. Forever young. Forever beautiful. Forever

     I want to protest but my eyelids are growing too heavy to remain open.

     "No," I protest faintly as the darkness claims me.

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     I smile in victory as my first angel has been reclaimed to the darkness. I glance over at Jason and he is staring at
     the both of us with wide, frightened eyes.

     "You killed him!" he screams as he flings himself off the bed.

     Damn, how did he break the trance?

     I grin in amusement as Jason grabs the cross on the nightstand, holding it up with trembling hands as if it was a

     Doesn't he know that nothing from heaven or earth can protect him from me?

     ~JASON'S POV~

     I glance nervously at Adam, who now lays lifeless on the bed as the huge creature stalks toward me. My hand
     grips the crucifix tighter as I hold it in front of me. Why isn't it working?

     A growl escapes the creature's throat as it nears me. I back away until I'm against the wall. Fuck! I've cornered
     myself. I quickly glance around for the quickest escape, but find none.

     The creature chuckles as if it is reading my thoughts.

     "What do you want?" I whisper.

     "You," It replies simply. "I am Lord Marcus and you are the reincarnation of my beloved Christian."

     "Christian?" I ask confused. In my dreams someone calls me that.

     "I lost you two hundred years ago, but I will not lose you again," he growled as he stepped forward.

     Out of instinct, I pressed the crucifix against his chest. My eyes widened as nothing happened.

     "Don't believe everything that you read about vampires," he chuckled as he grabbed the crucifix out of my hand
     and tossed it to the other side of the room.

     I whimpered as I tried to run past him, but his huge arm wrapped around my waist and easily pulled me back
     against his huge, powerful body. I struggled, but to no avail. He held me easily with just one arm.

     I shivered as he brushed my hair away from my neck, but whimpered as he leaned down and placed soft kisses
     along the taunt curve, I started to tremble. I was going to die and I was powerless to stop it.

     "No little one, you are not going to die," Marcus whispered to me. "You will be forever young. Forever alive.
     Forever mine."


     As his fangs pierced my neck, I stared at Adam's lifeless body. Soon I would be joining my beloved in the dark
     sleep of death.

     He stayed latched onto my neck for what seemed like hours, before he pulled away and scooped me into his
     arms, gently laying me on the bed beside of Adam. I was too weak to resist as he positioned me on the bed.

     I watched him as he ripped his wrist open with his sharp fangs.

     I almost gagged as he forced my mouth open and let the crimson fluid drip into it. I started to refuse and not
     swallow it, but I was so thirsty.

     "Drink," he whispered and I obeyed.

     I felt nauseous right after I swallowed it.

     "Be not afraid my beloved. Your mortal body dies, but it will be replaced by a stronger, quicker, and more
     desirable one."

     "Vampire?" I gasped in disbelief.

     "Vampire," Marcus said smiling as he caressed my face. "Sleep," he whispered. My eyelids suddenly became too
     heavy and I fell into a dark sleep.

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     I watch as my other lover falls into the dark sleep. It is required so that his human body can transform into a
     creature of the night.

     When they awaken, they will be changed. They will no longer see with mere human eyes, but eyes of an eagle.
     They will be stronger and faster than their wildest dreams.
     All their senses will be heightened, as will their hunger.

     I smile as I slip from the room in search of a perfect meal for my sleeping beauties.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     The terrified look in the younger pup's eyes is driving me crazy as I watch him whimper and squirm helplessly
     under his older brother's body.

     I lean forward and bite Matthew's shoulder, my sharp teeth easily breaking the surface of the tender skin.

     Jeff screams as the blood of his brother splashes onto his face.

     I chuckle as I lick around the wound that I have created on Matt. It is a mark of ownership. My mark. He is now
     part of my pack.

     I come with a howl of completion. My howl echoing in the night as I thrust into him one final time.

     ~JEFF'S POV~

     I wipe Matt's blood out of my eyes and I'm shocked to see the beast staring down at me.

     Beast. That name suits this creature of the night well. Part man. Part wolf.

     I watch terrified as he lifts Matt up and lays him down beside of me. I notice that his thighs are smeared in blood.

     I glare at the creature as I lunge towards it, but I quickly find myself flat on my back with my legs spread wide
     open. It grabs my flailing wrists and pins them above my head as it pushes inside of me, causing me to cry out in

     I struggle but it's useless. It's strength is like nothing that I have witnessed before. He holds my wrists down
     effortlessly with only one hand.

     "I am your alpha now, little one," he growled between sharp canine teeth as he leaned down and bit my shoulder,
     as if he was marking me as his.

     I scream and scream until the saving grace of unconsciousness embraces me.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     As I lap at the sweet tasting blood, I feel him shiver as he passes out.

     He's young and weak, but he possesses the genes of the werewolf.

     By biting them, not only have I marked them as mine, but reawakened the dormant wolf inside of them. Soon
     they will roam the night with me.

     A growl escapes my throat as I catch a glimpse of movement in the window.

     My eyes lock with the beautiful young male outside and his eyes widen in fear as he sees the blood and the
     unconscious brothers.

     "Jeff.....Matt......," he whispers as he backs away and starts to run.

     I have to get him before he escapes.

     My change is almost instant and I jump through the window, ignoring the glass that shatters around me as I chase
     the young delicious male. He's so easy to follow. Fear smells delicious.

     He screams as I knock him down. He lands flat on his back and I instantly pounce on him, placing one of my huge
     front paws on his chest as I growl down at him, flashing him my most sinister look and my sharp teeth.

     "Please.......don't hurt me," he whimpers in fear.

     I lean down and sniff him. I'm pleased that he has Matt and Jeff's scent lingering on him. He must be one of their
     young friends. Interesting. He would make a wonderful addition to my pack.

     As I sniff his clothes more, he whimpers and squirms. I snap at him and he passes out from fear and shock. A
     chuckle escapes my throat as I change back into human form.

     I stare at the name tag on his shirt.

     "S..h..a..n..n..o..n," I growl, the name intrigues me as I scoop up the young man and carry him back inside.

     I lock him in a room in the basement for safe keeping. Right now, I must find a suitable meal for my pups. They
     are going to be extremely hungry when they awake and I want to save Shannon and make him part of my pack.

     I disappear into the darkness of the night as I search for the perfect prey. The perfect meal. A slayer would be
     nice. Now that's something I could sink my teeth into.

     ~SHANE'S POV~

     I stare at the full moon. Did I just hear howling earlier?

     My cell phone rings and I stare at it for a brief moment before I answer.

     As I suspected, my fellow slayers heard the howling as well. A werewolf is among our midst.

     I turn and walk back inside of my church and silently kneel before the altar.

     I know that I am sworn to fight against evil, but I feel nervous about this particular werewolf. His howl was heard
     for miles and that means he is old and powerful.

     I say a silent prayer for my friends, the Hardy brothers and Shannon Moore. We have been friends since high
     school, but after graduation I chose a different path than they did.

     My father was a slayer. My grandfather was a slayer. My great-grandfather was a slayer. Talk about pressure.

     By becoming a priest, I thought that I might escape my fate, but I never suspected that the slayers had pull within
     the church. I soon learned that they were the Bishop's own personal warriors against evil.

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     It's late, but I know that Chris is alone and waiting in his apartment for my nightly visit. I look up and see that his
     apartment window is open. A smile slides across my face as I decide to surprise my lover tonight and make him
     an offer that he can't refuse.

     I leap upwards and land on the window ledge. I peer inside and he is laying sprawled out on the bed with only a
     pair of silky black boxers on.

     Poor baby, I guess he fell asleep waiting on me. I am later than normal and he is human.

     I enter his apartment and smile as I remove my jacket.

     By now Marcus will have reclaimed both my brothers, and Rhyno will have reclaimed his pups. The age of
     darkness is at hand and the slayers are powerless to stop it.

     Chris stirs in his sleep as if sensing me in the room. His eyes flutter open and he smiles at me. God, that smile is
     beautiful and radiant.

     "How did you get in?" He asks confused as he rubs his eyes in attempt to focus them.

     I merely smile at him as I reveal to him for the first fangs.

     ~CHRIS' POV~

     I stare at Trish's small, delicate, elongated fangs in disbelief. "What are you?" I finally manage to whisper.

     She smiles at me, possibly one of the sweetest smiles that she has ever given me. "Chris, I am a vampire," she
     whispers as she leans in to caress my cheek, but I flinch away from her touch causing her to frown.

     She stands and reaches behind her, unzipping the zipper to her dress. I watch mesmerized as she lets it fall to the
     floor in a soft thud.

     "You're here to kill me, aren't you?" I ask as my body starts to tremble.

     "Does it look like I'm here to kill you, Chris?" She asks sarcastically, "I'm here to offer you a gift."

     "Gift?" I ask in disbelief, but my eyes linger on the seductive curves of her firm, voluptuous body. A body that I
     know so well, but find fascinating no matter how many times I touch or caress it.

     She grins as she leans closer. "Eternal life.....eternal beauty," she whispers.

     "But I will have to kill others," I gasp, "No thanks!" I try to scoot away from Trish, but her hand grabs mine and
     holds me in place as she straddles my waist, pinning me to the bed.

     "There are other ways to feed, Chris," she coos as she easily holds both of my hands above my head. "You don't
     have to always kill your victims. I fed from you, but yet you live."

     My eyes widen in disbelief.

     "You fed from me?" I growl as I try to push her away, but I quickly find her strength to be superior to that of mine.

     "Each night since the first night that we were together," she admits with almost a faint sign of guilt.

     I tremble underneath her. I haven't felt so helpless since I was a small child.

     "Embrace the darkness, Chris," she whispers as she leans down and crushes her lips to mine. "Join me."

     I want to resist, but the feel of her body, her scent, all of it driving me crazy with desire for her. I don't think that I
     could live without her. "Yes," I whisper in surrender.

     She smiles as she raises up and starts to suck and nibble at my neck. I jump and tense as her fangs pierce the
     tender flesh, but relax as her fingers caress my body.

     As she drinks from me, I feel my life force leaving me. Abandoning me. Forsaking me.

     When she pulls away, I am too weak to move.

     She raises up, her lips a brighter shade of red than before, as if my blood had given them their brightness. I watch
     as she seductively cups her breasts and then proceeds to slice a small gap above the right one.

     "Drink, my beloved," she coos as she raises my head from the pillow, gently brushing the stray damp hair from
     around my face as she presses my lips to the open wound on her breast.

     I lap at the crimson fluid hungrily before finally sucking at it like a small child nursing from it's mother. Her fingers
     entangle in my hair, pressing my face closer against her ample bosom.

     After several moments, I pull away as I fill full and nauseous of her blood. My body aches and feels different.

     "Sleep," she whispers as she lays me back down onto the bed.

     I watch as she walks over to the window and pulls the drapes closed, and I even manage a faint smile as she joins
     me back on the bed. Her hands slide down into my boxers. "Tomorrow, I will take care of that," she whispers in

     I smile as I close my eyes and embrace the darkness.

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     I've brought him across, but can I make him feed?

     The first kill will be the hardest on him, but he must do it. After that one, he can be more selective and only take
     enough to satisfy his thirst.

     I ponder on Chris' first kill, and then I remember the lady across the hall who had flirted with him during the day.

     I smile as I slip my dress back on. I had to secure Chris' first meal.

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     I smile as I sense that Trish has claimed her mate. Chris will be a wonderful and beautiful addition to our clan.

     I stop as I see the perfect meal for my lovers.....a slayer.

     I can smell the scent on him that I have hated for two hundred years........McMahon.

     I slowly stalk towards the man careful not to spook him. His blood will not erase what has happened, but it will
     make me feel so much better to watch as my young ones feed upon him. I smirk as I think of how ravenous they
     will be when they awaken. The first kill is always the most brutal. The most savage.

     I'm upon the man before he has time to scream. My hand wraps around his throat and squeezes.

     I smile as I watch the little human struggle in my grasp as he gasps desperately for air.

     I throw him to the ground as I move to loom over him.

     "What is your name slayer?" I growl.

     He looks at me shocked that I know he's a slayer. "William Regal," he growls back in defiance. "And your name,
     blood sucker?"

     "Lord Marcus," I say with a slight chuckle, enjoying the shocked expression on his face. "And you Mr. Regal will
     be my lover's first meal."

     "NO!" He screamed, but I quickly grabbed him by the neck, stifling his screams as I hauled him up to his feet and
     carried him into the dark blanket of night.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     I search for the perfect meal. It must be young and tender for my pups developing taste buds.

     I slip through the city undetected in my wolf form. I see many promising prospects, but my eyes fall upon the
     perfect one.

     A red-haired harlot seductively slides from the distinguished auto machine that is parked in a deserted parking lot.
     I sniff the air and smell the blood of the man inside. My eyes narrow and I can see the man leaning back with his
     throat slashed.

     I grin as I slowly start to stalk her. I learn from others that this predator is called Lita.

     She's perfect. Young and tender, but tainted with the smell of death that follows her.

     As she enters a long, dark alley, I see my opportunity and quickly grab her.

     She kicks and screams but I silence her with one swift punch to the face before scooping her small unconscious
     body up into my arms and heading back to the dwelling that belongs to my pups. They should be awakening soon.


     "HELLO!" I scream at the top of my voice, praying that someone would hear my cries for help. "ANYONE!

     I smile as the door slowly creaks open and I see Matt and Jeff standing there, staring at me.

     Only is it really Matt and Jeff?

     I swear that their eyes look yellow in the darkness.

     "Matt? Jeff?" I whisper, trying to control the trembling of my body.

     They inched towards me, separating as if flanking me. I knew that I was in trouble when Jeff issued a low
     menacing growl.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     I hear Shannon's screams of terror as I enter the dwelling, along with the faint snarls of my pups. It looks like I've
     arrived just in time for young Shannon. My pups must be hungrier than I thought.

     "NO!" I growl as I sprint down the stairs just as Matthew and Jeff prepare to lunge onto the frightened and
     vulnerable Shannon. I see their fangs are partially revealed as well as the slight fur that has formed on their face and
     bodies. Matthew's fur is dark, but Jeff's is blond.

     They growl as they turn and face me, pausing to sniff the air, smelling me.

     I smile as they recognize my scent. They issue a soft whimper as they lower their heads and scurry to me,
     wrapping their arms around my legs. They have just acknowledged me as their alpha male.

     I gently pat and caress the top of their heads.

     "Another one," Shannon squeaks as he backs away trembling.

     I ignore him as I watch my pups nuzzle their faces against my legs affectionately. "So beautiful," I murmur.

     "Hungry," Jeff growls softly as he gazes up at me.

     I feel the weight of Lita across my shoulder and smile. She lost consciousness on the way here. "Feast," I growl as
     I roughly toss her down onto the floor between them.

     She gasps as her body impacts with the floor. "What....?" She whispers in confusion as her eyes try to focus.

     The snarling of my pups gets her attention quickly. She tries to scoot away from them, but they are far to quick for
     her feeble attempts of escape. Jeff's razor sharp canine fangs sink into her soft, exposed neck and with a snarl, he
     rips away a large chunk of flesh. Matthew rips away her blouse revealing two soft, round and plump breasts. He
     snarls as he leans down and sinks his teeth into one of the soft tender morsels.

     "NO!" Lita screams in agony as she is systemically ripped apart by the hungry pups.

     I glance at Shannon and the poor lad is pale as he stands with his back to the wall, his eyes glued to the gory scene
     before him. I watch as his whole body trembles in fright. He knows that a few minutes more and Lita's fate
     would've been his.

     I chuckle as I approach him. I have much bigger plans for pretty little Shannon. He will make an exquisite pup.

     He screams incoherently as I pull him to me. I quickly silence him as I crush my lips to his. "Shhhh, little one," I
     whisper as I pull back and brush away loose strands of hair from his face. "Soon you will join your wolf brothers in
     the feeding frenzy."

     He looks at me shocked and appalled, and starts shaking his head. "No....never," he whimpers weakly.

     I chuckle as I sweep him into my arms and carry him upstairs away from the sight of the brothers munching on
     Lita. By morning, all that will be left of her is a pile of clean picked bones.

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     I smile as I hear the faint knock on Chris' door. I glance over and he is still deep in the death sleep. I had just
     removed his boxers. When he awakens and feeds, I want to be able to couple with him quickly.

     "Chris? Are you alright? I thought I heard you scream," a feminine voice whispers as she knocks again.

     A wicked smile slides across my face as I slowly walk towards the door. Looks like dinner has just arrived.

     The woman jumps as I open the door. "It's you," she says with a hint of disgust.

     "You were expecting someone else?" I ask amused.

     "I thought that I heard Chris scream," she snarls back.

     "He always screams for me," I whisper as I try to act bored, twirling a strand of my hair through my fingers.

     Her eyes wonder to the bed where Chris is laying sprawled out across the covers. His naked body glistens in the
     moonlight. I can smell her arousal at the sight. "I'm his neighbor, Stacy. I was just worried about him," she
     whispers, barely able to hide the lust in her voice.

     "Want to join us?" I whisper in an open invitation.

     "You're willing to share him?" She asks shocked.

     "Of course," I whisper, hiding my fangs.

     She grins at me as she enters the room. Her long, silky legs barely covered by the short t-shirt that she wore.

     I glance around the hall to make sure that no one has seen her enter. I'm relieved to find the hall completely empty.
     I shut and lock the door behind me. I suppress the possessive growl that threatens to escape my throat as I watch
     her crawl onto the bed with him.


     I slowly sneak up behind her as her fingers start to caress his torso. Does she really think that I'll share my lover?

     She gasps as I flip her over. She starts to scream, but my hand clamps over her mouth as my fangs sink into her
     long, slender neck. I only drink enough to subdue her for my mate.

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     I toss Regal down onto the floor at the foot of my bed, enjoying his whimper of pain as his body connects with the
     hard floor.

     My eyes linger on my two sleeping beauties that have curled together in their death sleep. After two hundred
     years, we will be together again.

     I sense Regal's heart rate increase as he prepares to make a run for it. He squeaks like a mouse as my hand wraps
     around his throat, hauling him up to his feet.

     His eyes widen in fear as he looks into mine.

     I smile as I rip his clothes off and place metal cuffs on his wrists and ankles.

     I can feel his glare on me the entire time. He is trying to keep up a false face of defiance, but I can smell his fear.

     I attach the wrist cuffs to shackles that hang from the ceiling, forcing him to stand with his arms pulled
     uncomfortably above his head. Then I proceed to attach his ankle cuffs to shackles on the floor, forcing him to
     stand spread-eagled.

     I grin as I look up into his face and see the embarrassment, the humiliation, and most of all, the fear.

     "My angels will awaken at dusk, and you will be their first meal. You should feel honored, Slayer," I state with a
     slight chuckle as I stand.

     "You ingrate demon. My associates will find me and destroy you and your brood," he snarls in warning.

     I walk over to the single window in the room, glancing at the moon once before shutting the thick metal shutters
     and locking them.

     I turn to him, allowing him to see my fangs. "At dusk tonight, even God won't be able to help you slayer. The day
     of reckoning is at hand," I growl as I crawl onto the bed with my beloved angels, wrapping a protective arm
     around them.

     ~ADAM'S POV~

     I jerk awake, but quickly relax as I feel Jason curled up against me. I sigh in relief as I try to control my breathing.
     Man did I have a fucking nightmare. I dreamed that ........

     My eyes drift past Jason's blond hair to the man, or should I say creature laying behind him.

     A soft thumping sound gains my attention and I turn in the direction of the sound. A frown forms on my forehead
     as I stare at the man standing at the end of the bed, his wrists shackled to chains that hung from the ceiling.

     "Bloody bloodsucker," he hisses as he practically spits at me.

     A growl from Lord Marcus quickly silences him.

     I turn and find myself staring directly into his green eyes.

     I jump and he chuckles in amusement.

     "The thumping sound you hear is the beating of his heart," Marcus whispers with a smirk. "Look closely at his neck
     and focus in on the artery."

     Too curious to stop, I do as he instructs. My eyes easily focus in on the right side of his neck. I carefully begin to
     follow the path of the artery.

     I jump as I actually hear the blood as it rushes throughout the artery.

     Marcus chuckles once again.

     "Adam," Jason whispers as he yawns and stretches, still unaware of Marcus and the stranger. "I'm so hungry,"
     Jason whispers, jumping as he realizes that we are not alone. "Who......?"

     His eyes widens as he remembers and he clings closer to me.

     "He bit me, Adam," Jason whimpers.

     "I know," I whisper as I caress Jason's hair. "He bit us both. He has made us vampires."

     Lord Marcus chuckles as he quickly rises from the bed and extends his hand to the both of us. "Come my
     children. I'll show you how to feed."

     I notice the chained man visibly tremble as we place our hands into Marcus' huge outstretched hands.

     I blush as my stomach rumbles. I don't think that I've ever felt his hungry before.

     I watch as Marcus moves behind the man, his fingers tracing along the arteries in the man's neck.

     Jason growls as he lunges at the man, his newly formed fangs piercing the man's neck with ease.

     I look to Marcus and he nods. "Feed my child."

     Following Jason's lead, I latch onto the other side of the struggling, gasping man's neck. I know it's wrong, but I
     can't stop myself. I need what he has. I need his blood.

     Sick, hungry sucking sounds fill the room as we feed, draining the man of all his precious crimson fluid. Strangely, I
     feel no remorse. No pity.

     I feel Marcus standing behind us, urging us on.

     Full and sedated, I pull away, licking my lips as if savoring the taste.

     Jason smiles as he does the same. I grin as he leans forward and licks a drop of blood from the corner of my
     mouth and then proceeds to kiss me.

     The kiss is intoxicating. I can taste the man's blood as it mixes with Jason's unique taste.

     Remembering that we are not alone, we break the embrace and stare at Marcus unsure of what to do.

     Marcus grins as he unchains and removes the man's corpse from the room.

     We stand together as we wait for him to return. I grin as Jason reaches over and places his hand in mine. We are
     in this together, for better or worse.

     "Beautiful," Marcus whispers as he stares at us. In the blink of an eye, we are swept into his huge, powerful arms
     and gently carried to the bed. "It is time for your master to claim you," Marcus whispers seductively.

     ~CHRIS' POV~

     My eyes flutter open and I smile as I see Trish cuddled up beside of me.

     She actually stayed the night!

     I glance at the closed curtains and frowned as I remembered what happened last night.

     I whimper as hunger pains hit me.

     Trish stirs and smiles at me.

     "Hello, handsome," she whispers seductively. "Hungry?"

     I nod.

     She smiles as she pulls me from the bed and leads me to the kitchen.

     I gasp as I see my neighbor Stacy laying naked and sprawled across my kitchen table.

     "Trish?" I whisper, confused, whining as another hunger pain hits me.

     She caresses my hair. "You must feed, my beloved," she whispers in my ear.

     I glance at Stacy. "No. I won't kill her."

     "You must. It is the way of vampires."

     "You said that there are other ways," I protest weakly.

     "Only after the first kill. You need her blood to survive," she argues.

     "No!" I growl.

     Trish smiles as she walks over to Stacy.

     I watch mesmerized as she uses one of her fingernails to slash a small cut on her neck.

     I watch the crimson fluid slowly flow down her long slender neck and I lick my lips hungrily.

     "Feed," Trish growls.

     Unable to control myself, I lunge at Stacy, lapping at the blood before piercing her neck with my fangs.

     Stacy whimpers and squirms underneath me, but I grip her shoulders, holding her down.

     "That's it Chris, drink," Trish coos.

     As the blood floods my mouth, I'm lost in the hunger.


     Visions of that girl being ripped apart flood my memory as the beast gently lays me down on the tousled bed.

     I see Matt and Jeff's blood from where he first claimed them. I can smell it, along with the lingering scent of sex.

     "Relax, little one," he whispers as he pushes me down onto the bed and proceeds to rip my clothes.


     I glance up into his eyes, which I swear was yellow a moment ago and a chill runs down my spine.

     "GET OFF ME!" I growl as I beat at him with my fists.

     He chuckles as he grabs my flailing wrists in one hand and easily holds them above my head.

     "Small, but fierce," he whispers in admiration.

     "FUCK YOU!" I growl, trying to control the beating of my heart.

     "No. Fuck you, little one. I am the alpha male and you will soon submit willingly to me."

     "NEVER!" I growl.

     He chuckles in amusement.

     "Such fire," he whispers as he covers my mouth with his.

     I jump as a thick tongue presses into my mouth, silencing me. I whimper, but it does no good. My legs are spread
     and lifted and his huge cock rubs against my tight opening.

     I scream as he pushes inside of me. God, he's so huge!

     It's strange, because as I lose consciousness, visions of Father Shane Helms drift into my mind. I had always
     secretly desired him, even before he became a priest, but he was older and didn't seem to even notice that I
     existed. Now as I lay here helpless as a demonic creature ruts on top me, I think of him.

     As darkness claims me, I feel the creature bite my shoulder, marking me as his seed sprays deep within me.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     Shannon whimpers as he draws his bloody, bruised body into a fetal position before me. I see his blood and my
     semen smeared all over his lithe body.

     The first coupling is always the most painful for mere humans. He must learn that I'm the alpha male, and to obey
     and submit to me willingly. Since he is not of the werewolf bloodline, he will not be as strong as Matt and Jeff, but
     he will be close. Mortals will fear him.

     I grin as Matt and Jeff enter the room. Noticing Shannon, they practically pounce onto the bed. They circle him at
     first, sniffing and nudging the trembling, frightened creature before them.

     I know that they will smell my scent and not harm him, but Shannon doesn't know that and he lays perfectly still,
     too frightened to move, much less breathe.

     I smile as they snuggle close to their new brother. With Shannon in the middle, I watch mesmerized as sleep claims
     all three of them.

     My acute hearing picks up movement outside.

     "They're in here," one man whispers to his partner.

     I sniff the air.


     I glance at my three pups as I transform into my true werewolf form. Two hundred years of rage and hate boil
     inside of me as I slide from an open window into the darkness. My black fur shimmering in the glow of the
     moonlight as I slip into the bushes and trees surrounding the house.

     I haven't eaten in two hundred years and a slayer would taste real good right now. I have to control my hunger and
     rage. I have to remember to save one of them for Shannon when he awakens. Maybe he'll share with Matt and

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     I caress Chris' face as I pull him to me, burying his face in my bosom. I resist the urge to lick away the small
     amount of Stacy's blood that is at the corner of his mouth.

     He is still saddened by the fact that he had to take another person's life in order to live, but soon that sadness will
     pass as the vampire in him becomes stronger.

     "It's alright, my beloved," I whisper, glancing down at Stacy as she lays limp on the floor. Her eyes open wide in

     I kick her lifeless body. Eliminating the competition had been so easy.

     "Come," I whisper leading him to the bed.

     He clings to me. "I killed her," he whispers almost tearfully.

     "Forget about it," I coo. "She was nothing."

     I press him down on the bed, following closely. I press my lips to his. He is reluctant at first, but soon the passion
     burns inside of him as it does me.

     "Trish," he whispers.

     I jump as my senses pick up a unique smell from so long ago. I press a finger to his lips silencing him as I use my
     senses to identify and locate the intruder.


     This slayer is too close to home, and I must protect my beloved. They've only sent one for me. I guess they think
     I'm weak because I'm a woman. Well, just wait until I get ahold of this particular slayer. I lick my lips in

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     My angels cling close together on the bed as I crawl onto it with them. I can sense their nervousness, but I can also
     sense their arousal. I growl and bare my fangs.

     Jason whimpers, but Adam merely smiles. I can see it in his eyes. He will make a beautiful, vicious vampire.

     Just as I'm about to claim them as mine, I hear voices from outside.

     "It's Regal. The bastards got Regal!" One of the slayers exclaims to his partner.

     "Shhh, do you want the blood suckers to hear us?"

     "Too late," I growl under my breath.

     I'm immediately standing and pulling my pants back on. I glance at my two angels who look scared and confused.

     "We have visitors, but nothing to worry about. Looks like I found the next meal for you two, and it looks like you
     won't have to share, either," I chuckle as I head out to find the two slayers.

     Adam grins at me, "Can I come along for the Hunt?"

     "Me, too?" Jason pipes in.

     "Of course. I could never deny you two anything," I whisper, "But you must stay right with me."

     They nod in understanding as we slip from the dwelling.

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     I smile as I hear my prey making his way up the long, dark stairwell. My fangs descend.

     The strong scent of the slayer almost makes me nauseous. He is a true-blood, a direct descendant of.........


     He's a McMahon!

     He's young. He must be the son of Vince McMahon.

     I hear him cursing under his breath as he fumbles up the stairs. I listen closely.

     "Fuck! My father and his bright fucking ideas. Kill the bitch and her new male fledgling and you will inherit what's
     mine. Well fuck it! I don't want to be a vampire hunter the rest of my life, all I want is his money."

     I smile as I move closer, my footsteps too light to be heard. I watch amused as he slips through the exit door and
     walks over to Chris' room

     How did he know what room?

     I watch him pull out two wooden stakes from his gym bag.

     "Are those for me?" I whisper as I descend upon him. Before he can scream, my hand clamps over his mouth as
     my fangs sink into his neck.

     He drops the stakes as he struggles helplessly in my unbreakable grip, a small whimper escapes his throat when he
     realizes that I'm too strong.

     I only drink enough to subdue him, for I know that my master will want to terminate this one personally after he
     has interrogated him.

     As he goes limp in my arms, I knock my secret knock for Chris, who immediately opens the door.

     "Are you alright?" He asks concerned.

     I grin, "Better than alright. I just caught Vince McMahon's son."

     He looks at me confused, but I will fill him in on the details later.

     We carry Stacy's body back to her apartment. I decide to place her in the bathtub. Her damn long legs were hard
     to bend and position, but I managed without breaking them. I sliced her wrists upwards, slicing the veins wide
     open. There wasn't much blood, but I turned the shower on slow to hide that fact. Her death could be classified as

     Chris stares at her for a moment, horrified by what he had just done.

     "You'll get over it," I whisper, pulling him with me. Together we pick up the unconscious man and carry him back
     to the hidden lair.

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     I listen to the two slayers as they try to find a way into my lair without making too much noise. I have to hold back
     the chuckle as I close in on them. Jason almost giggles, but Adam quickly silences him.

     Vince McMahon sent the pair, but how the fuck did he know where I was?

     I decided to listen to them for a few minutes. The oldest and biggest one was Albert. He was easily recognizable
     with all the piercings he had.

     The other was named Drew. A tall, muscular blond, who followed Albert obediently.

     I sniff the air and frown. McMahon's scent is all over the young Drew. He must be one McMahon's many lovers.

     Adam and Jason grow restless and want to attack, but I hold them back with a slight growl.

     I lunge out of my hiding place, too quickly for human eyes to detect and descend upon Albert. I hit hard across the
     back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

     Drew eyes widen as he looks down at his partner. He actually drops the stake as he starts to back away.

     He doesn't go far. Adam and Jason are there to stop him as they bare their fangs. He whimpers as he turns back
     around to face me.

     "Please....," he begs most pitifully.

     I grab him and pull him to me. He whimpers louder as my lips brush across his exposed neck. His entire body is
     trembling. I grin as I place him into one of my trances. Maybe, just maybe, I might offer him the dark gift.

     He would make a strong vampire warrior.

     I would love to see Vince when Drew entered his bedroom as a vampire. I chuckle as I lead him away, followed
     by Adam and Jason as they carry Albert, arguing over who gets to feed first.

     The only safe place for us is the secret lair. Hopefully, the wizard doesn't know where it's at.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     I smile hungrily at the two frightened slayers that I have cornered in the garage.

     "Please....," the younger one begs. He's quite cute and he would blend in perfect with my other pups.

     My eyes flicker to the other one.

     "Mangy wolf," the other one growls as he fumbles in his bag for something to kill me with.

     "Brock!" The young one screams as I lunge at his huge, muscular partner, my teeth sinking into his huge gorilla
     neck as I tear at it, ripping a huge chunk of flesh away.

     The huge man falls to his knees as blood spurts from his neck.

     The young screams as Brock falls face first on the ground in a puddle of blood.

     I smile as I lick my teeth.

     "Please don't hurt me," the young one begs as his body starts to tremble. He starts to cry as he watches me morph
     back into my human form. "What's your name little boy?" I growl.

     "B-i-l-l-y.....Billy Kidman," he whispers, growing pale as I stalk toward him, his eyes glued to my huge penis that
     sways freely between my legs.

     "Billy," I whisper, savoring the name.

     I grab him by the hair and pull him closer, sniffing him. No others scent was on him. He hadn't been claimed in
     some time.

     I hear a click and I turn around. My eyes widen at the priest pointing a gun at me, no doubt filled with silver

     "Don't move," the priest growls.

     I pull Billy closer, placing him between me and the barrel of the priest's gun.

     I notice Shannon out of the corner of my eye. He's stalking the priest.

     A smile slides across my face. My precious Shannon is hungry, very hungry.

     "Let the boy go," the priest demands.

     "I don't think so," I whisper as I watch Shannon descend upon the priest, knocking the gun away.

     Just as Shannon is about to rip the priests throat out, he stops.

     "Shane?" He whispers, whimpering as he looks at me and then to the priest.

     "Kill him," I hiss, holding Billy to me tightly.

     "I can't," he whimpers, "I love him."

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     My eyes flutter open first. I smile as I feel my two lovers snuggle close to me. I was right in bringing them to the
     secret lair, and I sigh in relief as I feel Trish's and Rhyno's presence as well, but I also sense that they've brought a
     few snacks along as well.

     "Good morning, m'lord," Adam and Jason whispers in unison.

     "Morning, my angels," I quickly reply, placing kisses on both of their foreheads.

     Last night, the slayers had made their move and I had once again came dangerously close to losing what I hold
     more sacred than life once again. I know that they used the wizard that they captured so long ago, otherwise they
     wouldn't have found our locations so quickly.

     I've come to a realization that we must free him or kill him in order to survive. I favor the first option more. There is
     something vaguely familiar about him.

     A whimper catches my attention, and I look over at Drew, who is shackled beautifully against the cold, concrete
     wall. His muscles taunt and strained. He has obviously been trying to free himself.

     His partner, Albert, is merely glaring at us with disgust.
     "Dirty bloodsuckers," he growls in contempt.

     My angels rise from the bed and make their way towards Albert with their fangs bared. They glance back and me
     and I nod in approval, laughing as they descend upon the insolent man.

     Albert's screams filled the room, and then the sweet sound of Adam and Jason feeding. I can feel them becoming

     Drew looks pale as he watches them.

     Adam and Jason make a quick meal out of Albert and then turn to Drew.

     A growl escapes my throat and they return to me. I have larger plans for Drew. What will McMahon do with a
     vampire lover? I can just envision Drew ripping his heart out.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     Shannon loves the priest?

     I've been awake all night since Shannon's startling announcement.


     I glare at the priest who is shackled before me. What does this weakling have that I can't offer Shannon?

     I turn as I sense Shannon's presence. I hear the soft sigh of relief when he realizes that Shane is still alive.

     "What do you want?" I growl.

     He lowers his head submissively as he drops to all fours and crawls to me. His face nuzzles against my legs
     affectionately. "Please don't kill him," he whimpers.

     "He's a slayer," I growl.

     "But he doesn't want to be, his father forced him to join the priesthood and the Slayers," Shannon quickly retorted.
     "He has never killed before."

     A smile slides across my face. "So he is a virgin to more than one thing."

     Shannon frowns in confusion.

     "Go find Matt and Jeff," I whisper.

     "Who is our newest brother?" Shannon asked innocently, trying to distract me from his precious Shane.

     "Billy," I whisper as I remember how sweet Billy's surrender and claiming had been. He had screamed and begged
     at the top of his lungs as he watched Matt, Jeff, and Shannon feast upon Brock, until they had licked the bones
     clean of any trace of flesh or blood.

     Unlike Shane, who had stood and watched without expression, Billy had begged for his life as I forced him to
     ground where I could rut with him in front of the others.

     Shane passed out as I bit Billy on the shoulder infecting him with the werewolf virus, and Shannon had went to
     him, protecting him from the hunger of his brothers.

     "Please, don't harm him," Shannon whispered. "I can pleasure you better than he," he whispered as his hand slid up
     my thigh.

     "Really?" I growl, grabbing him by the nape of his neck and hauling him up. "Prove it."

     ~CHRIS' POV~

     I stare at the struggling man before me. Part of me wants to release his shackles and let him flee, but the vampire
     part of me wants to rip his throat out and feast upon his blood.

     I jump as Trish wraps her arms around me. "Hungry?" She whispers.

     I bite back a moan that escapes my throat. I feel my fangs descend. The look on the man's face humbles even me.

     I pull away. I won't give into the hunger. I won't. I must not!

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     Chris is not embracing the dark gift like I thought he would. It appears that his human conscious is strong and will
     take sometime to disappear.

     "You don't have to kill him," I whisper. "Just a little sip," I continue, trying to tempt him.

     He pulls away from me.

     "I'm a freak," he growls as he stares at the mirror in front of him. He's surprised that his reflection doesn't stare

     "You're a vampire," I growl, turning him so that he is facing me. "He is food," I say pointing at McMahon's son. "It
     is your choice whether he lives or dies. You can only take a small amount and he will live."

     "But if I bite him......."

     "He'll remain human until you share blood. He must drink your blood in order to become one of us," I whisper.

     His expression lightens. "I don't have to kill him like I did with Stacy?"

     "No," I whisper, cursing myself for letting jealousy drive me to force him to kill the little tramp. Although it is
     recommended that young ones kill their first victim, it isn't necessary.

     He smiles as he looks at the shackled man.

     "Feed," I whisper.

     He walks to the man and grabs his wrist.

     I smile triumphantly as I hear his fangs pierce the skin and the soft sucking sounds of Chris feeding.


     I see the vampires and werewolves in their secret lair. Their numbers are growing as they induct more members
     into their clans.

     I know Vince McMahon said to tell him the moment that I located them, but I don't really care what he wants. I
     only told him the location last night because I knew it wasn't their secret lair, and they needed to be aware of his

     I smile at the sight of Drew shackled before Marcus. The idea of him becoming a vampire and then attacking
     Vince will indeed be a treat.

     I've been locked up in this grimy dungeon for two hundred years and I long for freedom and love. I'm the last of
     my kind, thanks to the slayers and their zest for eliminating all that they don't understand or can't explain.

     I long to tell Marcus that I am his twin brother. That we were separated at birth by our parents. My father being a
     wizard and sensing that I, too, had the gift, stole me away from my human mother and brother.

     I could hear my mother's sobbing each night. When I tried to comfort her, my father would sense what I was doing
     and stop me. He said that she and my brother wasn't important.....they were mere mortals......beneath us.

     I still hate him for that, but I hate him even more for trusting the McMahon clan. They ended up wiping out all the
     wizards, save for me, who they captured and locked up like an animal.

     I'm the last of my kind.

     I stand alone.

     I am Kane. Part man. Part monster.

     ~DREW'S POV~

     I shiver as I glance over at Albert's huge lifeless body. His eyes are open, but they look all glassy. God, I can't
     believe that they just left it there!

     The startling realization that I'm next on their menu slaps me hard in the face. I don't want to die. Not here. Not
     like this.

     A deep diabolical chuckle startles me and I gasp as I realize that I'm not alone in the room. I glance nervously
     around the room until my eyes focus in on a dark figure standing in the far corner.

     Lord Marcus......

     "So you want to live?" He asks amused.

     He's been reading my thoughts!

     I lower my head in embarrassment.


     "Oh, I assure you that I'm not a bastard, but I am a demon of darkness," he hisses.

     I jump as I feel his cold hand caress my cheek. How did he get across the room so fast?

     "I'm a vampire," he whispers amused.

     "Stop reading my mind," I growl.

     "Or you'll what?" He smirks.

     My thoughts are racing. My heart is beating so fast that I think it'll explode.

     He laughs softly as he presses closer.

     "Embrace the darkness," he whispers as he brushes his lips along my neck, but not yet biting.

     "Please.....don't," I beg weakly, knowing that I have no choice in the matter.

     "Relax or it will hurt more," he growls.

     My whole body stiffens as I feel his fangs pierce the soft skin of my neck.

     "No!" I gasp, but he merely grips a handful my hair and holds me in place.

     As I feel him sucking my life blood away, I try to focus on the dim ceiling light of the room.

     I'm going to die here in this dingy little room. Alone, save for the demon killing me.

     "Drink," Marcus growls as he presses his bleeding wrist to my mouth.

     When did he pull away?

     "Drink," Marcus growls as he forcefully presses his wrist to my mouth, letting the blood flow into my mouth.

     At first the crimson fluid tasted like honey, then it started to burn my mouth and my throat.

     I tried to pull away, but he forced me to drink more.

     When Marcus let me go, I fell limp against the wall. My chest was heaving, and I felt sick. I could hear and feel
     him as he removed me from the shackles and gently lifted me up.

     "You are one of us now, Drew. You will serve your dark Lord well," Marcus growled as he laid me on the bed.

     I was too tired to argue and feel into a deep sleep.


     I watch horrified as Shannon pleasures the beast with his mouth. Shannon is completely ignoring me as if I'm not
     even in the room.

     "'t do it," I whisper. My only reward was a glare from the werewolf as he gripped Shannon's
     hair tighter as he rammed his huge cock down his delicate throat.

     Shannon whimpered, but submitted to his master's brutality.

     "Sweet Shannon," Rhyno growls lustfully as he tenses and comes in Shannon's sweet mouth.

     Shannon swallows everything that his master offers and then proceeds to lick his master clean. Once he is finished,
     he sits back on his heels and waits for his master's orders.

     Rhyno smiles at me and I know that I'm in trouble.

     "Pleasure the priest," Rhyno growls with a huge smirk.

     "But....," Shannon starts to protest, but a snarl from Rhyno stops him. "As you wish, master."

     I watched mesmerized as Shannon crawls toward me. It's like the fantasy of a lifetime having a beautiful young
     man like Shannon crawling to me on hands and knees, and in all his naked glory.

     I shiver as Shannon's hand trails up my inner thigh. "I love you Shane," he whispers. "I always have."

     I want desperately to tell him that I love him, but my mouth won't work. I don't want him like this. Not in front of

     I'm about to protest, but it is stifled when his mouth engulfs my cock. But at that moment, all conscious thought is
     lost and I jerk my hips forward.

     "Shannon," I moan out loud.

     Heaven help me, because I'm losing myself to sins of the flesh.

     ~JEFF'S POV~

     I grin as I watch Matthew stalk Billy around the room. I just wish that Shannon would hurry up and get back so
     we could have some real fun.

     Billy yelps as Matthew pounces on him. He starts to giggle as Matthew nibbles on his stomach. If I didn't know
     better, I'd say Billy is ticklish.

     Interesting. Very interesting.

     Billy is defiantly one of us now. Slayer turned playful werewolf. His change had been so beautiful.

     I remember the look on the trembling girls face as she looked at Billy. It was one of pure shock.

     Rhyno had hunted and tracked her down as a special treat for Billy, and brought her here for his first dinner.

     What was her name?


     Billy had seemed almost sad to kill such a beautiful creature, but his animal instincts had kicked in and there was
     no denying his hunger.

     It wasn't until afterwards that Rhyno told us that Tori had been Billy's girlfriend, but she had been unfaithful to him
     and left him for a different man.

     Billy's giggling interrupts my train of thought. I smile and leap on top of them, playfully helping Matt tickle Billy.


     I jump as the door to the room slams open. I glance up through hazy eyes to see Lord Marcus standing there.

     Trish and her new pet left a few minutes ago after feeding off of me.

     "What do you want?" I growl.

     I'm tired. I'm cold. I'm hungry. I'm pissed.

     Lord Marcus chuckles amused.

     "So much like your father and then again, so different."

     "What do you want?" I ask again.

     "Death to all slayers," he growls.

     "Then kill me and end this torture," I hiss.

     He chuckles.

     "Oh, I have plans for you," Marcus whispers.

     "I'll never help you!"

     He clutches my head between his hands as he looks deeply into my eyes. "Where is the wizard kept?"

     Oh, my God! They want Kane? They'll kill him for betraying them.

     No. I must protect him from them.

     "I don't know," I lie.

     "LIAR!" Marcus hisses and then smiles. "You have feelings for the old wizard, don't you?"

     I try to look away from his mind reading stare, but he grips my head harder, forcing me to look into his eyes.

     "Yes," I gasp.


     I shake my head in disbelief that the monster before me could read my thoughts so easily. "No, I care nothing for

     Marcus laughs in my face, but then stops abruptly. "Kane?" He growls.

     I whimper as I try to pull out of his grasp.

     "Did you say Kane?" He growls, revealing his razor sharp fangs mere inches from my soft exposed neck.

     "Yes," I whimper.

     "My brother," Marcus whispers.

     "He's your brother?" I asked confused.

     "Where is he?" He growls, his large hand gripping my neck tightly. "Tell me!"

     "The basement at my father's home. He keeps him prisoner," I gasp.

     I'm surprised, but relieved as he releases his grip on my throat. I fall back against the wall gasping for air. If it
     wasn't for the shackles, I would have fallen to the floor.

     I watch as he storms from the room, the huge metal door slamming shut behind him, sealing me in this horrible

     I pray silently that Kane will be alright.


     I try to resist the sweet temptation before me, but I'm too weak. My scream echoes in the small room as my seed
     spurts into Shannon's willing mouth.

     The young one laps it up as if it the sweetest nectar on earth.

     Once my breathing returns to normal, I glance up at the man beast that is leering at me.

     "Does he taste pure, my little one?" Rhyno mocks as he pats Shannon's head while looking at me with something
     akin to hunger in his eyes.

     "Please, master. Don't harm him. Let him go," Shannon pleads.

     I watch as the beast gently wipes away a tear that slides down Shannon's cheek.

     "If I let him go, he will only track us down and kill us, right slayer?" Rhyno growls.

     I look at him with murder in my eyes. That's right you beast. I'll kill you!

     Then my eyes look down at Shannon's innocent face. I try to force myself to remember that he is one of them.
     He's a werewolf! But I could never hurt him....could I?

     "Would you kill me, Shane?" Shannon asks softly, so softly that I feel myself melting before him.

     "NO!" I gasp. "Never you!"

     "But you would kill my master and brothers?" Shannon's asks with a frown.

     Rhyno grins as he looks at me, stepping back as Shannon rises to his feet.

     "Answer me, Shane! Would you?"

     My eyes widen as Shannon starts to change in front of me.

     "Could you kill me so easily?" I ask calmly.

     His head snaps up to look into my eyes. He whimpers as he slowly returns to normal. He drops to his knees and
     crawls to Rhyno with his head lowered in submission.

     "What are we to do with you Shane?" Rhyno grinned as he patted Shannon's head as the young one nuzzled his
     face against Rhyno's thick thighs still whimpering.

     "Kill me, for I cannot bear to be without my dear, sweet "human" Shannon. I have disgraced God and everything
     that is holy," I whimper, hating how pathetic my voice sounded.

     Rhyno merely chuckles as he gently pushes Shannon away. I'm shocked as he releases me from the shackles.

     "Come with us, priest. Submit and swear allegiance to me and you'll be with Shannon forever," Rhyno whispers in
     my ear as his hands start to caress my body.

     I laugh out loud.

     "I'm a priest," I moan as I lean back against the muscular body of my tormentor. My devil.

     "Is that suppose to impress me or scare me?" Rhyno mocks as he nibbles on my shoulder, not yet breaking the
     skin and infecting me with the virus that causes ordinary people to transform into flesh eating werewolves.

     "Oh, God," I moan as I feel his huge member pressing against my opening.

     "Not even God can help you now," he growls as he forces me down onto the floor.

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     I shake Drew awake, smiling as my newest addition to my brood yawns.

     "What happened?" He asks as he rises from the bed rubbing his neck.

     He glances up at me and then jumps backwards. "You bit me!"

     I chuckle. "And for a moment, I thought you were a dumb blond."

     He scowls at me. "I'm....I'm a vampire?"

     I laugh, revealing my fangs. "Drew, you are one of us now. No longer do you serve McMahon. You serve me," I
     whisper as I lean in so that I'm face to face with him. Master to child.

     "McMahon will kill me," Drew whimpers.

     "No, we will kill him first," I growl. "You will seduce him and then rip his throat out."

     He looks at me shocked.

     I laugh. "But of course, I must teach you to feed first."

     I open the door on the far side of the room and pull out the young woman that I had selected for him. I smell the
     purity of her. A virgin's blood makes the vampire even stronger.

     When I pull off her gag, she spits at me.

     "I don't know who you are, but when my cousins find out about're dead!" She hisses.

     Seeing no expression from either of us, she continues. "I'm Molly Holly, you idiot! The cousin to Crash and Bob
     Holly, the two most important mobsters in this town!"

     "Your name and your family name means nothing to me," I hiss as I toss her to Drew. "Feed."

     "Feed?" Molly gasps.

     Drew brushes back the hair from the woman's neck. I watch amused as he feels his newly formed fangs with his

     He grins at me as he latches onto the surprised woman's neck, sucking and slurping hungrily. A low growl issuing
     from his throat as he feeds.

     No remorse. No pity.

     Perfect vampire warrior.

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     I hiss as Adam barges into my room.

     "KNOCK FIRST!" I growl as I lick the wound on Chris' neck and crawl off the top of him, my chest still heaving
     from the intense orgasm that I had just had.

     If he wasn't one of Marcus' chosen mates, I would teach the little brat a lesson.

     "Lord Marcus requests your assistance, Mistress Trish," Adam says grinning as he bows in respect to my age.

     Chris pulls the covers up, covering his nakedness as Adam is joined by Jason. I think if it was possible, Chris
     would be blushing a bright shade of red right now.

     "What does Lord Marcus want now?" I growl as I look back longingly at my beautiful Chris, who smiles
     seductively at me and then at Adam and Jason.

     "He wishes to rescue the wizard tonight," Adam replies, flashing a toothy smile at Chris.

     "We could keep Chris occupied if you like," Jason quickly replies.

     "Over my dead body," I growl as I wave them away. "One more word from you two and I'll tell Lord Marcus
     how naughty you really are."

     God, Lord Marcus needs to claim those two long and hard.

     I smile. Maybe, I can volunteer to help him educate them in the world of pain and pleasure. The world of S&M.
     Images of them begging and pleading for more invades my thoughts.

     The vision fades as I realize Marcus will never share them with another, even me. I'm a vampire, but I can dream
     can't I? After all, I'm not dead. Well....not really.....

     ~DREW'S POV~

     I can't believe that it was this easy to get back inside of the McMahon house. No one has even noticed my
     change. Sure they asked where Albert was, but I had brushed it off telling them that the fool attacked Marcus and
     was bat food.

     I slip up stairs easily. As I walk towards Vince's room, I clinch my hands together tightly. I know that one false
     move and I'll have a stake buried deep within my chest.

     Cautiously, I open the door.

     "Vince?" I call out softly.

     "Drew! In here, my boy," Vince quickly replies.

     Sighing in relief, I step into the room. I can feel Lord Marcus nearby and that gives me the courage to face him.

     I wait patiently until Vince exits the bathroom wearing only a pair of black silk boxers. I let out a another sigh of
     relief. No room to hide a stake. I watch him closely, smiling as his heart beat remains normal. He still hasn't really
     looked at me, but when he does he frowns.

     "Damn, you look sick. Are you feeling alright?" He asks frowning.

     "Never better," I say with a sly smile as I approach him.

     He merely smiles as he expects a night of blissful sex.

     I pull him into my arms and kiss him.

     He pulls away with a frown. "You're so cold," he complains as he starts to back away.

     I reach out and pull him to me before can protest. "But your blood will warm me," I say with a smirk as I flash my

     His screams are stifled as I rip out his throat and proceed to drink his blood. For a brief moment, he struggles and
     then goes limp in my arms as I drain the life from him.

     Once I'm finished, I toss him to the ground.

     A faint tap at the window startles me. I stare cautiously at the drawn drapes as I approach them. Sighing, I rip
     them open.

     I smile as I see Lord Marcus smiling back. I quickly open the window and allow him entrance.

     He enters and looks down at Vince's lifeless body. "Well done, my child," he growls in approval. "Now to find our
     wizard and eliminate all the slayers in the building."

     "Eliminate?" I ask, feeling a pang of remorse for my fellow brothers. "Can't you bring some of them across?"

     Lord Marcus grins. "I'll let you take care of that, but be warned.....choose wisely."

     I nod in understanding.

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     I sure hope Lord Marcus rescues Kane quickly, because my patience is wearing really thin with Vince's men.
     Especially the one know as Eddy Guerrero.

     "Want to be my mommie?" He whines pathetically.

     "Not in this lifetime," I growl, careful to keep my fangs hidden.

     "Awww....come on, mommie," he whispers, wiping the drool from his mouth as he grabs my arm.

     I jump as Lord Marcus sends me the go signal. I smile as I glance over at Rhyno who has accompanied me by the
     request of Marcus. He grins as he howls, bringing his young pups from their hiding places.

     I grab Eddy by the throat and hold the squirming little weasel as I watch the young werewolf pups descend upon
     the unsuspecting men. Rhyno has eliminated the ones with weapons so it's a hearty feast for the pups. I smile as I
     watch the newest addition, Shane, timidly follow Shannon into the bloody chaos. I see the proud look on Rhyno's
     face as he guards his pups.

     I turn my attention back to Eddy, who is squirming like a fish on a hook and gasping something incoherently to

     "Come to mommie," I growl as I pull him to me.

     "NO!" He finally manages to scream as my fangs pierce his neck.

     ~KANE'S POV~

     I gasp as I feel a hand on my shoulder. Damn, Vince! He must have put a sedative in my food and water again.

     "Hello, brother," a deep, husky voice whispers.

     I open my eyes slightly, the drugs preventing me from too much movement.


     "I'm here, brother," he whispers.

     "Why? I betrayed you and the werewolf," I whisper, hating how weak my voice sounded.

     "It wasn't your fault," he whispers.

     I shake my head. "No, it was. Kill me and end my pain," I whisper as I fade back into unconsciousness.

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     I frown as I look down at my long lost brother. Kill him? Never. I've just found him. He was right about one thing,
     he had betrayed Rhyno and me all those years ago. However, he didn't have a choice. He was at Vince's
     complete mercy. Alone. Afraid.

     I will speak to Rhyno on his behalf and hope that the werewolf will leave the past in the past. We need Kane to
     help us survive this new world.

     While we have been asleep for 200 years, he has been awake and learning.

     We need that knowledge.

     I motion for Drew and together we carry Kane out of the dark dungeon.

     I smile as I look at the dead bodies littering our paths.

     "Not to your liking?" I ask amused.

     "Jerks," he growls.

     As we reach the exit, I see the bodies of two men neatly laid out. I smile as I hear their heart beat.

     "Your chosen ones?" I ask with a smirk.

     "Yes, m'lord," he quickly retorts with a huge smile.

     "Very well," I growl, lifting Kane onto my shoulders as Drew scooped up the other two unconscious men.

     Once we are in a safe distance and I'm sure that Trish and the werewolf pack is clear of the Slayer's den, I press
     the button on the remote control that I have. A loud boom is heard, followed by a spectacular display of
     destruction as the huge fortress is destroyed.

     "Zero," I chuckle as I walk away with my brother safely on my shoulders.

     ~CHRIS' POV~

     I know I shouldn't be down in the basement, but I heard someone calling out for help, and that voice sounds so

     I open the door and come face to face with Shane McMahon. I glance at the shackles on his wrists and ankles
     that hold him securely against the wall. He looks so scared and pale.

     "Help me, please," he weakly begs.

     Feeling a pang of guilt, I walk to him intending to free him.

     "I wouldn't do that if I were you," a voice growls from behind me. "Marcus said that no one was to touch him.
     He's saving him for Kane."

     I whirl around to see Adam and Jason standing in the door smiling at me. But it wasn't a normal smile, not by a
     long shot. They looked......predatory.

     "Wanna play, Chrissy," Adam growls as he moves forward in a slow stalking manner.

     "NO!" I gasp, backing away from the tall blonde. His flashy smile sent a shiver down my spine. "Leave me alone,
     or I'll....."

     "What?" Jason joins in, flanking the other side of me. "You'll tell Trish?"

     Shane whimpers as Jason turns and hisses at him, revealing his fangs, delighting in the human's terrified gasp.

     Feeling myself getting backed into a corner, I decided to make a run for it.

     I yelp as Adam grabs a handful of my hair and pulls me to him. I try to bite him, but Jason helps him hold me.

     Two on one odds. No fair!

     "Take it easy, Chrissy," Adam coos. "We just want to play with you."

     "NO! TRISH!" I scream in panic as they roughly drag me from the room.

     They both laugh as I struggle. "She can't help you," Jason teases.

     "Where are you taking me?" I gasp, between sobs.

     "To our bed," Adam growls, flashing an evil grin to Jason, who grins back.

     ~TRISH'S POV~

     On the way back to our lair, I hear my mate's cry. I glance over at Marcus, who is frowning.

     If he doesn't do something about his mates, I will. No one hurts my Chris.

     "I'll take care of them, Trish," Marcus growls as he rubs his forehead. "You know that they won't harm Chris."

     "They have no right to even touch him! He's mine. Two hundred fucking years and they haven't changed," I snap.

     "They're young," he growls. Must he always come to their defense?

     "They're oversexed," I growl. "Can't you order them to stop?"

     Marcus frowned. "They're ignoring me, but I'll take care of that when we get back," he whispers with a smile.
     "They just need to be disciplined."

     "Disciplined, my ass," I growl. "Castrated is more like it!"

     Rhyno's pups giggle at our argument. One quick glance from Rhyno and they silence. "Sorry," he whispers in
     apology, but I see the faint smirk on his face.

     "Enough!" Marcus growls. "They will be punished."

     Silence fills the van as Matt slowly drives us to the lair.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     I sigh. Marcus and Trish let the young one's have too much freedom.

     You must keep the young under on a tight leash until they learn that you are the Alpha and they are subs.

     Shannon giggles as Jeff nips at his neck.

     Shane growls protectively as he pushes Jeff away.

     Jeff snarls back, ready to fight. Billy, catching my glare, wisely restrains Jeff.

     One quick snap and snarl from me they all four cower in the corner and whimper with their heads bowed.

     Trish looks at me and smiles. "Impressive. Glad to see that their is a real male around here," she whispers never
     looking at Marcus.

     Marcus growls under his breath as he clinches his fist.

     A faint smile slides across my face. I think that Adam and Jason are going to get a painful lesson tonight on just
     what it means to be submissive.

     ~CHRIS' POV~

     I yelp and whimper as Adam bites down hard on my right nipple eliciting a giggle from Jason who then does the
     same to my left one.

     "Get off me!" I growl, trying my best to push them away.

     "Relax, Chris," Adam growls in my ear sending a slight shiver down my spine. "We don't bite," he whispers in a
     mocking tone.

     "Not too hard," Jason continues after winking to his bigger lover.

     I jump as both of them are suddenly pulled off the top of me, and I glance up to see Marcus holding each of them
     by the scruffs of their necks.

     I smile as I see the terror on their beautiful faces as they squirm and look at their huge master.

     "M'lord," Adam gasps. "We were just playing with him..."

     "SILENCE!" Marcus growls as he carries them out of the room.

     "Make them scream," Trish hisses at them as Marcus carries them by, smiling as they wiggle nervously in his grasp.

     "Trish," I gasp, running to her and throwing my arms around her. "I didn't want to.....they made me."

     She smiles as she caresses my face. "I know." She leans in and kisses me so tenderly that I practically melt against

     It is in that exact moment that I know that I'm were I belong. I love her and she loves me.....for all eternity.

     ~MARCUS' POV~

     I smile at my two terrified, shivering angels as they huddle together on the bed.

     I remove my clothes slowly, letting them enjoy the view of their master's body. I have already ripped and shredded
     the clothes from their beautiful bodies in my haste to spank them and humiliate them.

     They will learn that they are mine and that they must do exactly what I tell them do.

     I smile as I close in on Adam. My beautiful defiant Adam.

     "Spread your legs," I hiss.

     Adam pauses and is slow to comply, so I help him, grabbing his legs, and shoving them wide apart as I lift them up
     and prop them onto my broad shoulders.

     He shivers as my cock rubs against his tight opening.

     "Who is your master?" I growl.

     "You are, Lord Marcus," he quickly replies, his body trembling with fear and desire.

     I smile as I glance over at Jason, who is watching us mesmerized.

     I push inside of Adam, impaling him on my cock. As he starts to scream, I cover his mouth, silencing his scream of

     I ride him hard, knowing that he will not be permanently damaged by our coupling. Any wounds that I cause by
     being too rough will heal almost immediately.

     "MARCUS'!" He screams as he almost immediately sprays my abdomen and chest with his seed.

     I chuckle as I ride him slowly, leaning down and nipping at his nipples. "Who do you obey?"

     "You," Adam yelps.

     "Who do you belong to?" I growl as I punctuate each question with a hard, deep thrust.


     "Who is your master?"

     "You!" Adam screams as I thrust harder and faster, showing my young mate that I'm quite serious.

     "Do you know the punishment for disobeying me?" I growl.

     Adam shakes his head. "Please.......I won't do it again," he whimpers.

     I chuckle as I ride him harder...deeper. "How can I be sure of that?"

     "I swear......ohhhhh.......ahhhhhh.......," he moans as our bodies rock together.

     I grip his cock, which already hard again and stroke him in rhythm with my thrusts. "Come for me then," I growl.
     "Obey me," I growl as I latch onto his exposed neck, my fangs gently piercing the skin.

     Adam roars as he shoots again. I press my wrist to his mouth. "Drink!"

     He obeys and as our blood mingles, I follow him, filling him with all of my essence. Claiming him as mine. Marking
     him as my mate.

     Once the sexual lust passes, I glance over at Jason, who is wide-eyed and shaking.

     "Come here, little one," I growl as I raise up off of Adam, who is slumbering quite beautifully after our coupling and
     flop down on the bed beside of him.

     Jason whimpers as he bows his head and crawls to me. "Ride me," I growl, smiling as his eyes widen at the length
     and girth of my cock.

     Jason is trembling as he slowly mounts me. I rub my cock against the small puckered opening, smiling as his lips
     slightly part and a soft moan escapes his lips.

     "Who do you belong to?" I growl.

     "You," Jason whimpers.

     "Yes, you are mine. Forever," I growl as I force him down on my cock, fully impaling him on it.

     He cries out, but continues to ride it.

     I growl as I watch him bounce up and down on my cock. It isn't long before he is spraying my stomach and chest
     with his sweet essence.

     "That's it, Jason. Come for me," I roar as I grip his hips and slam into him harder and faster, growling as I raise up
     and bite his neck as I press my wrist to his pouting lips. "Drink," I hiss.

     As I explode inside of him, I feel my blood flowing from me to him and his to me. We are one.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     I sigh as I watch my pups as they huddle together for the night. They look exhausted. Then again, they have hunted
     and feasted well tonight. Not only that, each one has been mounted and thoroughly fucked by me. Afterwards, they
     played and romped together until they exhausted themselves.

     I smile as Shane and Shannon snuggle closely, while Jeff and Matt place Billy in the middle of them and snuggle.

     I yawn. Having a pack is exhausting work, but the beast in me loves it.

     At least we've eliminated the oldest and strongest sect of the slayers.

     Tomorrow night, the darkness shall rule and I will claim more pack members.

     ~DREW'S POV~

     I smile as I look down at the slumbering man underneath me.

     I watch with a smirk as Lance's eyes flutter open slowly, laughing as he jumps when he realizes that I'm watching

     "You're a vampire!" He gasps.

     "So are you," I growl, leaning down and nibbling on his neck.

     He tenses, but then relaxes as he latches onto my neck, his small, newly formed fangs pierces my skin.

     "That's it," I moan. "Drink."

     "TELL ME THAT YOU DIDN'T JUST BITE ME?!" Booker screams at me.

     "Welcome to the darkness, bro," I smirk as my fangs pierce Lance's neck, bonding him to me.

     Lance will be my lover, and Booker will my friend. Marcus wanted warriors and Booker has always
     been my partner.

     Booker licks his lips. "Don't suppose you'd share him?" He growls.

     "Nope, Lance is my mate," I growl protectively. "I captured two humans that I think you will be quite interested
     in," I smirk. "One is a female named Jacqueline, and one is a young and tender male named Maven. You decide
     which one will be dinner and which you will take as a mate."

     "Maven," Booker growls as he stalks out of the room in search of a mate and dinner.

     ~KANE'S POV~

     I smile at the trembling man before me. I gently tilt his bowed head so that he is staring into my eyes.

     "You belong to me," I growl, smiling as a shiver courses throughout the young man's body.

     "Yours," he whispers accompanied by a slight moan as my hand caresses his face.

     "Mine," I growl lustfully as I rip away the chains that bind him.

     I pause as I carry him from the cell.

     I feel my brother's presence.

     "Thank you," I whisper to him.

     "You're," Marcus replies.

     I smile as I carry Shane McMahon to my room. A new era of darkness will fall upon mankind. Born tonight are
     the vampires, werewolves, and the sorcerers, long ago slaughtered and forgotten.

     Be careful all ye unsuspecting humans for among you the supernatural walks again in their never ending cycle..... to
     feed the hunger.

     ~THE END~