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By Kay!

This story contains slash.
Rating: NC17
     Content: Slash m/m, rape
     Disclaimer: Don't own the wrestlers, Vince does. *pouts* I don't know their true sexuality, this is
     just fiction.
     Spoilers: From Raw 10-15 to Smackdown 10-25
     Summary: Christian must present the Alliance with an "offering" before they'll accept him.

     This story is in response to a challenge by Catz.



     Tonight's the night. If everything goes as planned, I'll be the newest member of the Alliance by

     I know that I should be ashamed of what I'm about to do, but remorse or regret just isn't part of
     my vocabulary any longer. I'm a different man. I'm a stronger man.

     I don't need Edge. Hell, I never did.

     To tell the truth, he's the one who needed me.

     You must think that I'm jealous?

     Ok, so maybe I am a little jealous of him Everything has always been so easy for him. At home,
     Edge did no wrong. My mom, grandmother, and aunt were always bragging about him. What
     about me? I'm their flesh and blood, too. At school, the teachers loved him. Horny old hags. I had
     straight A's. At work, seems like everyone wants to fuck him. I do all the moves better than him,
     but he gets the push.

     I shrug my shoulders. That's alright. After tonight, he'll be spreading those long legs for Alliance
     members only. You see, Edge is my ticket to membership in the Alliance. Once I had over my
     brother to Austin, I'm one of them.

     I grin to myself. I'm so glad that my brother is such a trusting sap.

     I try to control my emotions as he comes running towards me, telling me that mom was in an
     accident. He's breathing hard and sweaty from the match, but the serious, worried look on his
     face is priceless.

     I bite my bottom lip to keep from laughing out loud. This was way too easy.

     Sacrificing my brother is going to be the easiest thing that I've ever done. The big moron is so

     "I can't believe that they didn't call me first," I whine, knowing that it will irritate him.

     "It's not about you Christian!" He snaps back. "Mom's been in an accident."

     I let him practically drag me behind him as we head toward the parking garage.

     Well, he's wrong. It's all about me.

     I smile as Chuck Palumbo and Hugh Morrus block our path.
     I can't believe that he would actually turn his back to me. He tries to shove Chuck and Hugh out
     of our way. Can you say S-T-U-P-I-D?

     It feels so good to nail him with the briefcase from behind, knowing that he never expected me to
     attack him.

     It feels so good to hit and kick him. My anger and frustration seem to fade.

     Not so big now, are you "big" brother? Just wait until he finds out about his new position in the
     Alliance. Can you say B-I-T-C-H?

     I don't give a damn about his hurt feelings, his physical pain, nor his mental anguish. None of it
     matters to me.

     I laugh as Hugh taunts him, calling him "big boy."

     "There was an accident Edge," I scream in his face, "twenty-seven years ago, when mom gave
     birth to you!" My words are filled with such venom that they even scare me.

     I can tell by the glazed look in his eyes that he still can't believe that I'm doing this to him.

     So fucking clueless.


     He has no idea of what I'm capable of, but he will very soon.

     Tonight, my dear sweet brother will experience pain and humiliation at the hands of the Alliance.

     I watch as Kanyon manages to get rid of the camera crew. Once they are safely out of sight,
     Chuck and Hugh drag my dear, sweet, semi-conscious brother to the van that I have rented for
     this special occasion.

     He looks so scared as they roughly toss him inside.

     I almost feel a little guilty.

     I said almost.

     I no longer have a brother. I like that expression that Tazz uses. "Just another victim."

     Inside of the van, I watch as Edge struggles with Chuck and Hugh. He is sitting in the middle of
     them and I can tell that Hugh has one of his hands shoved down Edge's tights.

     "Christian!" He gasps, as he tries to break free of them and their groping hands.

     Does he really think that I will save him?

     I'm his executioner.

     Who does he think set this up?


     "Save your energy big brother, you're gonna need it," I say smiling as I wink at Chuck and Hugh,
     who both chuckle in agreement.

     I buckle up and motion for Kanyon to get the hell out of here. The night is young, and Edge has a
     date with the Alliance.

     ~EDGE'S POV~

     I let them drag me from the van into the unfamiliar house. I'm too exhausted from my match and
     the struggling in the van to even walk. Hell, I can't believe that this is actually happening.

     I glance back at Christian and he is smiling. He's fucking smiling as they haul me downstairs to the
     basement. He's sacrificing me to the Alliance! How could he? Does he know that they are going to
     rape me?

     Hell Austin and Shane have been after me for months. I've lost count of all their obscene
     propositions, but leave it to my naive little brother to hand me over to them.

     Wonder what they promised him? Family? Now that's a laugh. If he wanted a dysfunctional
     family, he should have stuck with me. This group of misfits is seriously fucked up.

     I yelp as Chuck grabs a handful of my hair and jerks my head backwards. Bastard! I grit my teeth
     and refuse to show weakness, even though it feels like he is going to rip the hair from my scalp.

     "Are you ready for some fun baby?" He hisses in my ear as he shoves me forward.

     I've always thought of Chuck as the quiet and levelheaded one, but then again, he's thinking with
     his other head right now and that's not good for me. I glance up at Hugh and he is foaming at the
     mouth. He flicks his tongue out at me and I almost gag.

     I can't control the shiver of fear and dread that courses though my body as I realize that I'm

     I look around the basement wondering why they dragged me down here. I gasp. Everything in
     the room screams sex. They wouldn't. Would they?

     I see Austin, Shane, Stephanie, Regal, Rhyno, Lance, Booker T, Test, Billy, Mike, and the Dudleys
     descend the stairs. Shit! All hope of escape quickly vanishes. I could never fight this many off.

     My head starts to spin and I almost loose my balance. Firm hands grip my shoulders forcing me
     down onto my knees. I turn and look up into the cold, sadistic eyes of my brother.

     My stomach flutters in fear as I realized that he planned this. He set this up! Does he really hate
     me that much?

     "Well look who Christian brought us," Austin says smiling as he winks at his troops.

     Austin thrives on the pain of others and I know that I can expect no mercy from him.

     Do you want to know what the worst part of this situation is? I was betrayed by my own fucking
     brother. Why did it have to be him?

     I yelp in surprise as Austin grips my face, forcing me to look upwards at him. He's standing so
     close to me. Too close. I can feel the heat radiating from his body.

     "Do you know why you're here boy?" Austin growls.

     I shake my head.

     The others laugh and chuckle.

     "You have been chosen to be the Alliance's newest bitch," Austin smirks.

     "No!" I whimper as I try to turn my head from his tense stare and grip.

     He chuckles as his grip tightens, holding me still. "It doesn't matter what you want slut. You're
     the new bitch, because Stone Cold said so," he growls as he forces my head forward, pressing my
     face into his crotch area.

     I whimper as he rubs my face across the course fabric of the jeans several times.

     He grips my hair, causing me to whimper louder as he jerks my head around. I hear the
     unmistakable sound of a zipper being unzipped. The next thing that I know, Austin is rubbing his
     fully erect cock along my lips.

     "Open wide and I'll give you a big surprise," he whispers, yanking on my hair harder.

     I try to keep my mouth closed, but Shane slips behind me and yanks my tights and thong down.

     I hear the appreciative gasps that fill the room as my cock springs free and my ass is bared for all
     present to see.

     I fight harder as I feel the cool air of the room caressing my warm skin.

     I somehow manage to keep my mouth closed, and I love the disappointed look on Austin's face.

     For a brief moment I revel in my minor victory over the bastard, but I forgot about Shane, didn't

     I scream as he rams two fingers, lubed with only spit, up into me, jabbing me with them hard and
     fast. As I gasp for air, Austin grips my face and forces my mouth open. I almost gag as his long,
     thick cock slides into my mouth.

     "No teeth," Shane growls in a warning as he starts to suck along my shoulder and then up along
     my neck, while his fingers continue to delve deeper inside of me. His other hand snakes around
     my waist, briefly caressing my lower abdomen before pulling me back against him.

     I can't stop the tears that start to flow down my face. It hurts so bad!

     Austin grunts as he shoves his cock into my mouth, bruising my throat with each thrust. I feel
     him tense and he grabs my hair forcing me to swallow every drop that he shoots into my mouth.

     Austin pulls away, tucking his cock back inside of his jeans. He ruffles my hair. "Good bitch," he
     says smiling.

     I'm about to say something when I'm suddenly shoved forward, causing me to sprawl out on the
     hard, cold floor. I yelp as Shane grabs my hair and forces me up on all fours. Before I can protest,
     he's shoving into me. Causing me to scream in pain as he ruts unmercifully on top of me, using my
     hair to hold me in place.

     "Ride him hard Shane!" Stephanie screams in that shrill, annoying voice that everyone loves so

     "Break him Shane!" Booker T growls as he strokes his own cock underneath his pants.

     "You like how I feel inside of you Edge?" Shane asks as he leans over and kisses a path down my
     spine. "Your ass is so tight and sweet."

     "Fuck you!" I growl as I try to pull away.

     He yanks at my hair holding me in place. I jump as his other hand slides underneath me and starts
     to stroke my cock in rhythm with his thrusts. No! I don't want to come!

     Tears start to flow from my eyes as I try to fight the impending orgasm building inside of me.
     He's raping me! I can't come! I can't!

     "Come for your new master Edge," he purrs in my ear as he slams into me hard.

     "No," I gasp.

     He chuckles as his grip tightens, stroking harder. "Come for me Edge," he whispers.

     "NO!" I scream as I come hard, splattering the floor, his hand, and my stomach in the process.

     "That's a good bitch," Shane moans as he shoots into me, one hot spurt after another.

     When Shane catches his breath he roughly pulls out of me and slaps my ass hard as he stands.

     "Next," he says coldly as he heads upstairs, grabbing Stephanie and pulling her along with him.

     "But I want to play with him, too?" Stephanie whines.

     "Later," Shane snaps, "we have business to take care of."

     Stephanie pouts as she follows her big brother.

     I whimper and try to pull away from Chuck as he kneels behind me and pulls me backwards to

     "Where do you think you're going beautiful?" He whispers into my ear as his cock pushes inside of
     me, impaling me.

     I glance up at Christian. He's watching me intently, his mouth is gaped open. Hope he is enjoying
     the fucking show! I'll fucking kill him if I get the chance.

     I temporarily forget about Christian as Chuck starts pumping into me hard and fast.

     Before I know it, Hugh is shoving his cock into my mouth.

     "That's it baby, suck it," he moans.

     I almost gag as the short, thick cock slides in and out of my mouth. If I could get away with it, I
     would bite the fucking head off.

     I yelp in pain as Chuck squeezes my balls. "Bite him and I'll rip these off," he threatens, as if he
     read my mind.

     Hugh chuckles as he fucks my mouth hard.

     The sounds of their moans and grunts of pleasure make me feel sick. I glance up to see Lance,
     Billy, Mike, Regal, and the Dudleys ascending the stairs. Lance looks back at me. Is that pity I see
     on his face? Test snorts at me, I can see jealously in his eyes. He whispers something in Booker
     T's ear and then grabs his hand and leads him up the stairs. Guess I'm not the only bitch in the

     At least my odds on surviving the night just got better.

     I'm almost glad when Chuck and Hugh come at the same time filling both my ass and my mouth
     with their foul cum.

     I'm surprised as Chuck does show me some kindness and pulls out slowly, but judging by the
     wetness that runs down my thighs, I'm bleeding.

     Hugh laughs as he pulls his cock from my mouth. "Nice bitch," he says mockingly wiping the
     sweat from his forehead.

     I raise up and look at him as seductively as I can look after being raped. He leans down to kiss me
     and spit his come in his face.

     "Pig," I growl.

     Chuck and Rhyno burst into laughter. Even Christian smirks at that one. Little bastard. I slump
     to the floor in a broken, bloody heap as I wait for the next assault.

     Chuck pulls an angry Hugh along with him up the stairs, leaving just Rhyno, Christian, and me.

     Christian looks at Rhyno as tension fills the room.

     "Your turn," Christian whispers nervously to Rhyno.

     Rhyno shakes his head. "Your turn."

     "My turn?" Christian asks confused. "He's my brother."

     Rhyno shakes his head. "Austin said you have to fuck him to become a member."

     Christian looks at him and then to me as he bites his bottom lip nervously.

     I smile as I realize my little brother didn't expect to get his hands dirty.

     Wonder if he will try to stick his beautiful cock into my mouth? I flash him my famous smile,
     showing him my teeth. Oh yeah, try it little brother.


     I can't fuck him! He's my brother, my own flesh and blood.

     I look up at Rhyno nervously. "He's my brother," I whisper.

     "I'm your.....We're your family now," he growls.

     Something about the look that he is giving me, sends shivers down my spine. Maybe I made a
     mistake of handing Edge over to them.

     "Do it," Rhyno growls, grabbing my arm and forcing me to stand between Edge's spread legs. I
     don't protest as I feel his arms snake around my waist and undo the button to my pants. I shiver
     at the sound of my pants being unzipped. Rhyno growls softly as he shoves my pants and thong
     down. "Beautiful," he mumbles to himself, just barely audible for me to hear it as his hands cup
     the globes of my ass.

     My eyes are glued to the blood and cum smearing my brother's thighs.

     "The blood," I whisper, suddenly feeling faint as I realized what I had done to my own brother.

     I whimper as Rhyno grips my shoulders and forces me to kneel before my brother, who's eyes are
     dark with hatred as he glares at me.

     At least Rhyno isn't going to make me put my cock anywhere near Edge's sharp teeth. I hope.

     I startle as I realize that Rhyno is kneeling behind me and stroking my cock. "Lift his legs and
     fuck him," Rhyno growls as he reluctantly releases my cock.

     With shaky hands I lift and spread my brother's long legs.

     Edge is looking at me with disgust, but I can tell that he's also afraid. I try to be as gentle as I can
     as I push into him, but he still whimpers in pain. Fuck! What am I doing?

     I start to pull out of him, but Rhyno closes in on my back. "You're not having second thoughts are
     you?" He whispers in my ear. "I can't let you fail this test Chrissy."

     I gasp as I feel the wet, slick head of his huge cock push into me, causing me to thrust forward
     further into my brother.

     "You can't," I whimper as he fully impales me on his cock.

     "Shane didn't tell you that you were going to be my bitch, did he?" Rhyno grunts as he pumps into

     Edge starts to laugh.

     "It's not funny!" I growl at him, as Rhyno continues his assault on my body.

     I'm buried to the hilt inside of Edge, and I could really hurt him if I wanted to. Who am I kidding?
     What have I done?

     Rhyno grips my hips and slams into me hard, forcing me to slam into Edge, who gasps in pain with
     each thrust now.

     "Come for me Chrissy," Rhyno growls as he nips at my shoulder.

     I gasp as I feel my body respond to his command. I lean forward and thrust into my brother,
     moaning as I come deep inside of him and then slumping on top of his heaving chest.

     Rhyno grips my hips hard as he slams into me over and over again. I feel him tense and then I
     feel his warm seed filling my insides.

     Edge starts to laugh again.

     "Welcome to hell, Christian," he mumbles before he passes out.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     I pull out of Christian and look down at the brothers as they lay together, still connected as one.

     They are beautiful together.

     I stand up and quickly tug my pants back up. I gently pull Christian away from his brother. I
     frown as I see that his long, slim cock is covered with his brother's blood.

     I lift an eyebrow as I look over at Edge. He'll need medical attention.

     I quickly pull up Christian's pants and toss his unconscious body over my shoulder as I carry him
     to my room and my bed. I'll have to come back for Edge.

     ~LANCE'S POV~

     I've waited until Rhyno left to check on Edge. I kneel beside of him and check his pulse.

     God, he's cold. I think he's in shock.

     I grab a towel and clean him up the best I can, pulling his tights and thong back up. I know he
     needs medical help because of all the blood that is seeping from him, but I know Shane and Austin
     won't risk taking him to a hospital. Fuck them.

     I lift him up and let me tell you, it's not easy. Edge is huge. I half carry, half drag him to my
     rented car.

     As I sitting him in the car, his eyes flutter open for a moment.

     "It's alright. I'm getting you out of here," I whisper, gently stroking his hair.

     A faint smile slides across his face. "Thank you."

     ***THE NEXT MORNING*** 


     I wake to find myself in Rhyno's bed. I'm sore, but alive at least.

     He's smiling as he looks down at me.

     I'm surprised as he gently kisses the top of my head. "Stick with me Christian. I'll protect you."

     Protect me? You raped me!

     I want to scream it in his face, but I realize that I'm alone now. Totally alone. Right now, he's all
     the protection I've got against the others.

     Wonder what they did with Edge?

     "Where's Edge?" I ask.

     Just as he is about to answer the door to his bedroom slams open and Austin and Shane storms in.

     "Where's long legs?" Austin growls at us.

     "I went back to get him, but he was gone. I figured one of you guys took him to bed," Rhyno

     "What?" Austin growls.

     "I said....."

     "He's not anywhere in the house," Shane growls.

     "He's gone," Austin hisses. "Our newest bitch escaped."

     I tense as he looks at me, but Rhyno holds me closer to him as he growls at them.

     "Find him, or Christian here will take his place," Shane hisses as they storm out of the room.

     I look up at Rhyno, my whole body is trembling.

     "It'll be alright," Rhyno whispers.

     ~EDGE'S POV~

     I wake up in the hospital and for a moment I panic.

     "Sir, it's alright. You're in a hospital," a nurse whispers as she tries to calm me. I look over at the
     blinking and beeping machines and sigh.

     "Is he awake?" A male voice asks.

     I know that voice.

     "Yes," the nurse replies with a frown, "he needs his rest."

     I look up to see Vince standing beside of the bed totally ignoring the nurse.


     "Edge, do you want to tell me what happened?" He asks with a worried frown.

     "No," I gasp.

     I feel so dirty right now. I want to take a shower and wash their scents off me. The last thing I
     want to do is talk about it.

     "The doctors won't tell me what's wrong with you, something about patient confidentially, but
     there is a policewoman here to see you, too."

     I gulp as his words sink in.

     "I'm fine, things just got out of hand."

     "Someone dumped you in front of the hospital last night," Vince growled, "Who was it?"

     Memories of Lance rescuing me came flooding back. I guess I owe him big time.

     "I don't remember," I lie.

     Vince must feel some pity for me, because he decides to leave me alone for right now. "We'll talk
     later," he whispers.

     I nod and wait for the policewoman to enter. She looks at me like I'm trash. One look at the long
     hair and she thinks I'm a punk. She wants to know if I was assaulted.

     "No," I lie.

     She lifts an eyebrow, but doesn't push it any further. After asking her well-practiced questions,
     she leaves. Leaving me alone with my self pity and hatred.

     Christian will pay for what he has done, but I have to manage to keep one step ahead of the


     Austin has given me to the end of Smackdown to find Edge.

     Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

     I don't like how Shane and the others have been watching me. They want me, especially after I
     betrayed my own brother like I did. I can tell some of them took Edge's side, especially Lance.
     He's always so damn serious.

     I jump as the door to the Alliance bursts open and Edge enters with a chair.

     I should tell him to run, but I don't. I allow Hugh and Kanyon to flank him, while Chuck stands
     with me.

     I'm surprised as he decks all three of them and then spears me. As his fists connects with my face
     and chest, I realize that I deserve all his anger and hate and I don't really fight back.

     Kanyon and Hugh finally manage to pull him off me, but he's pissed and he's trying to kick me.

     "Grab his legs!" I yell at Chuck, who quickly complies.

     As Edge struggles helplessly, I battle my own conscious. Do I help him escape or help the Alliance
     to break him.

     "Next time, I'm fucking your ass," Hugh whispers into his ear, causing him to struggle harder.

     He gasps as the chair connects with his abdomen, falling to the floor, writhing in pain. There's too
     many people around, or Chuck and Hugh would have dragged him along with us.

     I'll see him at No Mercy, and believe me, I expect no mercy.

     It's him or me.

     ~EDGE'S POV~

     I can't believe that I made it to No Mercy without running into a member of the Alliance, although
     I have been hanging out with the APA. I feel kinda bad leading Bradshaw on. I'm well aware of
     how he feels about me, but I've got too many problems right now to even consider getting close to

     Tonight, I face my little weasel of a brother in a ladder match, and I intend to make him suffer. I
     still can't believe that he actually fucked me. That is so not a brotherly thing to do.

     I'm still sore, but I won't let that slow me down tonight.
     Convincing Vince to let me continue with the match was really hard. He wanted to know who
     "assaulted" me. He fucking knew I was raped. I guess patient confidentially can be bought for the
     right price. I played dumb and told him that I was drunk and they wore masks. He believed me
     and told me that it would be our little secret, and not a word was to be leaked to reporters.

     Well looking on the bright side, I do still have a job.

     As I start out of my locker room, I run into Austin, who's just standing there staring at me with
     that blank stare of his, combined with that slight smirk that he's always sporting.

     "Wondered where you ran off to pretty boy," he growls, roughly shoving me back inside.

     I find myself trembling as I continue to back up until my back is pressing against the cool wall of
     the locker room. He zeros in on me, pressing himself against me, getting right in my face as his
     hand slides along my freshly oiled torso.

     "Please don't," I whimper, hating how scared and weak my voice sounds.

     He chuckles. "You want your freedom boy?" He asks smirking.

     I nod, wondering what it was going to cost me.

     "Take the title away from Christian and I'll let you go," he growls, "lose and your ass is mine."
     Without warning, he presses his lips to mine, as his hands reach around me and cup my ass.

     When he pulls away, he laughs at me. "Life's a bitch, ain't it?"

     I bow my head in shame, knowing that I have to win that match.

     I stand there as he casually strolls from the room.

     My head snaps up as I hear him arguing with someone outside my door and then silence.

     I jump as the door pushes open and Kurt comes barging in.

     "Are you alright Edge?" Kurt asks, his face has concern written all over it.

     "I'm fine," I lie.

     "Was he the asshole who put you in the hospital?" Kurt asks bluntly.

     "That's none of your business," I growl as I walk around him.

     I know he's only trying to help, but right now, I don't trust anyone.

     "Oh, it's my business," Kurt growls under his breath, barely audible. "It's true."

     I continue walking. Kurt doesn't care for me. Hell, no one does.


     I can't believe that Austin said that I have to win this match or I take Edge's place. That is so
     totally unfair.

     He's such a redneck dork!

     Okay, focus Christian. How mad could Edge be?


     Fuck! I'm screwed.

     ~RHYNO'S POV~

     I know what Austin told Christian before the match, but I'll never allow Christian to be brutalized
     like they did to Edge. Christian's mine.

     They don't call me the manbeast for nothing.

     I've sat here patiently watching Edge and Christian's match. Edge is working stiff on purpose.
     Damn him. I can see the pain on my baby's face. Edge will pay for every bruise on Christian's
     beautiful body.

     Fuck. What is Edge doing? My eyes focus in on the monitor.

     He wouldn't.

     Not the one person conchairto on top of the ladders.


     I watch in horror as Edge raises the chair and brings it down.

     My heart stops beating as he rolls Christian's unconscious body off. It hits the mat with a
     sickening thud.

     DAMN! FUCK!



     I try to open my eyes, but every part of my body aches. My head is spinning.

     Ok, I deserved the conchairto, but did he have to do it on top of the ladders. A little extreme bro.

     The lights cause my head to hurt worse and I close my eyes tightly.

     All I want right now is for Rhyno to hold me. Where is he?

     I open my eyes to see Edge holding the belt up for everyone to see.


     I lost. That means.......I'm so screwed.

     I can't think anymore and I welcome the darkness as I slip into unconsciousness.

     ~EDGE'S POV~

     I won! I'm free of the Alliance.

     Everyone thinks that I'm just happy because I won the title, but I'm glad that I'm rid of the

     I've heard that Christian suffered a mild concussion. I almost feel sorry. Almost.

     I've also heard that he will take my place once he's recovered.

     Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

     What is that old saying? "You made your bed, now lie in it."

     I just hope he likes his bed partners.

     Kurt has been hanging around me all day. I almost think that he's trying to get up enough nerve
     to ask me out. I must admit he's cute in a goofy kind of way. It's too bad that Austin won the
     match last night, Kurt would make such a better champion.

     He's trying to cheer me up as he bad-mouths Christian.

     As we start to walk down the hall, Rhyno comes out of nowhere and gores me.


     I hit the metal door hard and then the hard concrete floor just as hard.

     "That's for Christian," Rhyno whispers in my ear before anyone could pull him off me.

     As I writhe in pain on the floor, I hear Kurt and Rhyno going at it. Then Kurt challenges Rhyno.

     If I wasn't hurting so bad, I would have kissed Kurt.

     My hero.

     As Kurt kneels beside of me, I lean into his soft, gentle touches.

     "Get a fucking medic," Kurt hisses at the official that is also kneeling by me.

     As the official runs off to find a medic, Kurt pulls me up into his arms and gently rocks me.

     Fuck! It hurts to be in this position. I look up at Kurt and he kisses my forehead.

     "I'll take care of you Edge," he whispers.

     I smile up at him, wondering how an Olympian fucks in bed.

     ~KURT'S POV~

     That sorry excuse for a man is going to be so sorry that he ever messed with my Edge.

     Does he know how I feel about the long-legged blond?

     Let's just say, he's about to find out.

     As Rhyno taps out, I'm debating on whether to break his ankle or not.

     I could, it would be so easy.

     I decide against it, after all, I did just take his title and that should really piss Austin off.

     All I can say is that Rhyno and Christian deserve each other.

     I head back to my locker room where I know Edge is waiting for me.

     I've been chasing Edge since I first came here, but I've been fighting a losing battle until now.
     First there was Taker, the deadman. What did Edge see in him? Dead wood must be pretty damn
     hard. Then there was Kane. He must have been really hot in bed. Lets see, then there was Jeff
     Hardy. I think he was too extreme even for Edge.

     Hell, why wouldn't Edge like me? I'm a olympic hero. I have honor and values. I live my life by
     the three I's. And if he gives me a chance, I'll show him how a real man makes love.

     As I open the door to my locker room, I gasp at the sight before me.

     ~KURT'S POV~

     I smile as I look at Edge standing before me clad in only a towel, and I might add that it's hanging
     really low on his hips.

     "Great match Kurt," he says as he casually drops the towel and grabs his leather pants and
     slowing tugging them up his long legs. No underwear. Interesting. "I hope you don't mind if I used
     your shower, the trainer said a long hot shower would help relax me."

     "No problem," I mumble, cursing at how shaky my voice was and how hard my cock had gotten in
     a matter of seconds.

     He's gorgeous. If perfection had a name, it would be Edge.

     I watch spellbound as he continues to pull on his shoes and shirt. As he's buttoning his shirt, he
     glances over his shoulder at me and winks.

     I gasp as I see the slight smirk on his face. He's trying to seduce me?

     Well, things are really looking good for tonight. I'm the US champion and now it looks like I'm
     going to have Edge in my bed. Could life get any better?

     ~EDGE'S POV~

     For a moment, I didn't think Kurt would figure out my scheme, but he's not as dorky as I once
     thought. In fact, he looks incredibly sexy standing there watching me with a hungry puppy dog
     look on his face. Judging by the bulge in his pants, he's pretty hungry.

     "Would you like to stay with me tonight?" He asks smiling that goofy grin of his.

     I pause for a moment, just to tease him. "You wouldn't mind?" I ask innocently.

     "No," he answers quickly as he grabs my bags.

     Damn, he even holds the door open for me.

     What a perfect gentleman.

     ~KURT'S POV~

     Once inside of the hotel room, I can't hold back any longer. I shove him against the wall, roughly
     removing his clothes and mine. No longer fearing rejection, I push him down on the bed.

     He moans as he looks up at me and opens his arms. "I need you Kurt," he whispers.

     Who in their right mind would refuse an invitation like that.

     I climb onto the bed, gently straddling him as I lean down and kiss him gently. He moans into my
     mouth and my whole body shivers. I want him so bad, but I know that I have it slow. Others have
     hurt him, but I'm not them.

     I want to make him mine. Possess him. I would sell my soul to the devil to keep him.

     He kisses me back hungrily as he pulls me closer to him, his body grinding against mine.

     "Make me yours," he growls as his hand brushes over my hard cock.

     I grin as I position myself between his legs, lifting his legs until I have a perfect view of his tight
     puckered opening. My finger gently caresses it, causing him to moan and squirm. Grinning, I
     gently push one finger inside of him. I'm surprised to find that he has already lubed himself.

     He looks up at me and grins. "Didn't want to waste any time. Don't tease me, I need you Kurt."

     Well, he certainly knows how to stroke my ego. I grin as I lift his long legs upon my shoulders.

     He gasps as I start to push into him.

     "Edge?" I ask concerned.

     "Don't stop," he gasps.

     I push into him all the way, fully impaling him on my cock. He squirms in discomfort, whimpering

     "Edge?" I ask again.

     "Fuck me," he growls.

     I grip his hips and start thrusting into him hard, he arches up as I find his pleasure spot.

     "Kurt!" He screams, pleasure written all over his beautiful face as I continue to ram into him.

     I grin as I obey. I always obey direct orders.

     My hand wraps around his long slender cock and I start to stroke it in rhythm with my thrusts.

     "I'm going to come," he gasps.

     "Come for me, Edge," I growl, feeling my own body start to tremble.

     He screams as he comes. I think he's screaming my name, but it's hard to tell as I am also

     We lay connected, as our breathing slowly returns to normal.

     "Thank you, Kurt," he whispers.

     Thank me? I should be thanking him, that was totally incredible.

     "You're welcome, but I'm the one who......"

     He presses his index finger to my lips silencing me. "Thanks for defending me against Rhyno."

     I grin. "No problem," I whisper as I gently pull out of him and lay down beside of him, pulling him
     into my arms.

     He snuggles up close and yawns.

     "Edge....I think.....I think that I love you," I finally manage to say.

     No answer.

     I look down at him and he is sound asleep. Sighing, I follow him into a peaceful, contented sleep.


     I yawn as the first rays of sunlight makes it way through the curtain of my hotel room. Another
     perfect morning. I look down at the man snuggled up close to me. We've been fucking like
     bunnies, but isn't that what lovers do?

     I jump as my cell phone rings. McMahon tells me that I have a match tonight with Christian.

     Austin gave the little blond a chance to prove himself. Beat me or become his own personal bitch.
     After all, someone has to keep him in line since Rhyno will be out due to a neck injury. I've heard
     Rhyno isn't pleased with this arrangement.

     Well, this could work to my advantage. I wonder if Edge would like to see Christian tap out to me?


     Tonight on Raw, I'm scheduled to fight RVD.

     Yeah, everyone's favorite bimbo.

     I can't believe this.

     I've had the title for less than two weeks and they give me the hardcore champion as an

     I'm so screwed.

     Looks like my winning days are numbered. Beating Test on Heat, sure felt good.

     What am I thinking? Kurt said that I had nothing to worry about. I close my eyes praying that he
     is right.

     I will win.

     I wonder why Austin wanted to meet with Kurt? I hope he'll be alright.

     RVD was tough, but I managed to win. I still can't believe it. I thought he was going to kick out,
     but he didn't. Go figure.

     I head back to my locker room, wanting to shower and freshen up for Kurt. I stand underneath
     the warm shower for the longest time, loving the feel of the water as it caressed my skin.

     As I get dressed, the show is almost over and still Kurt hasn't come to my locker room.

     I look at the monitor and see him running down to ring with chair in hand.

     "Go Kurt," I whisper proudly. That's my lover.

     "NO!" I gasp in disbelief as he nails the WWF team with the chair.

     Kurt's the traitor? I thought it was Rock or Jericho.

     But.......he's the one I've been sleeping with for a week. The one .......I love.

     I open my door and jump in surprise as I find my way blocked by Hugh, who is smiling at me.

     "Going somewhere Edge?" He says with a smirk. "Kurt said to stay put," he growls pushing me
     back inside and shutting the door in my face.

     I'm too stunned to try to escape.

     Not Kurt. He wouldn't! I fucking trusted him!

     I jump as Kurt storms into the room.

     I bite my bottom lip nervously as Austin follows him in.

     "Kurt?" I whisper, unsure what to ask.

     "It's alright," he says hugging me.

     "No, it's not," I say trying to pry his arms away from my shoulder.

     "Wrong," Austin growls, grabbing my hair and forcing me to look at him. "You're Kurt's bitch.
     You'll do as he says, or I will personally see to it that your life is a total hell. Do we understand
     each other boy? "

     I nod, silently wondering if Christian was faring any better than I was. I realized that we were
     both pawns in Austin's fucked up game.

     I shiver as Kurt pulls me to him and presses his lips to mine.

     An hour ago, I would have died for him. Now, I feel disgusted to be in the same room with him.

     ~KURT'S POV~

     I can tell that Edge is pissed, but he'll get over it. I did what I had to do to keep him.

     Besides when Austin said that he would personally see to it that Edge was mine for as long as I
     wanted him, I couldn't resist. I want him forever.

     Austin winks at me as he leaves us alone. I know he's off to break Christian in. I heard Christian
     was quite a screamer.

     I follow, dragging a reluctant Edge with me.

     The Alliance just acquired itself an olympic hero. The price.......Edge.

     THE END