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By Kay!

This story contains slash.
Rating: NC17
Content: Slash m/m
Disclaimer: Don't own them, Vince does. *pouts* Don't know their true sexuality.
Spoilers: Raw and Smackdown, 8-10 through 8-17.
Summary: Rhyno decides to take a chance.

NOTE: Response to lyric challenge from Lili's board.
"There won't ever be a better time to take this chance."--"What About Now" by Lonestar.


Rhyno frowned as he stood outside of Chris Jericho's room. Yeah, he had gored Chris through the set. Yeah,
everyone thought he had done it for Stephanie. Well, they were wrong. He did it for himself. He had wanted
Chris for sometime, but had never been brave enough to ask him out. Chris was one of the beautiful people.
He was just a man beast.

He remembered the song he had heard on the radio earlier. For some reason country music always got to
him. What was that song? He couldn't remember the name but one line of the lyrics had stuck in his head.

"There won't ever be a better time to take this chance" echoed in his head.

Shrugging his shoulders, Rhyno knocked and waited.

Jericho opened the door clad in only a towel that hung low on his hips. Jericho gasped as he saw who was
standing in front of him. His face became a mask of various expressions. Anger. Confusion. Fear.

"What do you want Rhyno?" Chris asked nervously as he brushed away a strand of wet hair from his face.

"Can I come in?" Rhyno asked softly, trying not to look at Chris' perfect, smooth torso.

"Depends. Are you going to gore me?" Chris asked seriously.

Rhyno smiled and shook his head. He had a whole different kind of gore planned for Jericho. They didn't call
him the one-horned beast for nothing. Right now his horn was so hard that it was about to explode.

Chris moved out of the way and let Rhyno enter, shutting the door and gripping the towel tightly, blushing as
he suddenly felt way too naked under Rhyno's intense stare. "Let me put some clothes on," Chris said
nervously, jumping as a strong hand gripped his arm, stopping him.

Chris shivered as Rhyno gently caressed his face, pulling him closer. He knew he should resist, but he had
wanted Rhyno since the first time he had saw him with Edge and Christian. He felt his knees go weak as
Rhyno's mouth closed over his in a wet, dominating kiss.

Rhyno smiled as he pulled Chris closer, yanking the towel away. His hands cupping his round, firm ass
hungrily, spreading the cheeks and with one finger teasing Chris' tight, puckered opening.

Chris bucked his hips. "Don't you think you're a little overdressed?" Chris asked as he lifted Rhyno's muscle
shirt over his head and quickly unzipped Rhyno's tight jeans, licking his lips as he looked at the huge cock that
jumped free and jutted proudly in front of its owner. He just figured out why they called him the man beast.

Rhyno growled as he pulled Chris closer to him. "Like what you see?"

Chris nodded and moaned as Rhyno's tongue snaked into his mouth, swirling around his. He jumped as their
cocks rubbed together, the friction was maddening.

Chris grinned as he felt Rhyno's huge cock pressing against his, leaving a small amount of precum along his
stomach. "You're goring me again," he said breathlessly as he broke the kiss.

Rhyno grunted as he pushed Chris down on the bed. "I promise you that you'll like the gore I give you this
time," Rhyno said grinning as he flipped Chris onto his stomach, then pulling him up so that he was on his
hands and knees.

Chris was amazed at how strong Rhyno was. He was tossing him around effortlessly. He jumped as he felt the
coldness of the lube on Rhyno's fingers as he pressed one, then two fingers into him.

Chris forced himself to remain still, allowing Rhyno to prepare and stretch him for the mind-shattering gore
that he knew Rhyno was about to deliver. Not that he would have stopped, but he remembered how gingerly
Edge and Christian had walked the first couple of days after Rhyno arrived at the WWF. They had been his
first conquest and conquer he did. Gore! The word sent shivers of anticipation down his spine.

"Tell me what you want Chris," Rhyno growled in Chris' ear as one of his hands slid across his hips and down
underneath him, gripping his cock and stroking it lightly, his thumb spreading the precum that was dripping
from the head.

"You," Chris gasped, his breathing becoming more erratic, as he grinded his hips backwards, trying to take
in more of the invading digits.

Rhyno grinned, Chris really wanted this. He wished that he had known sooner, he wouldn't have gored him
through the set to get his attention. "Tell me what you want," Rhyno growled.

"Gore me," Chris gasped. "Gore me with your huge cock. Make me scream your name as you rut
unmercifully on top of me. Make me your bitch," Chris begged shamelessly as he wiggled his ass seductively
at Rhyno.

Rhyno chuckled and grinned, Chris Jericho had a way with words.

Chris gasped as the huge mushroom head of Rhyno's engorged cock pushed slowly into him, stretching him.
Rhyno's fingers dug into his hips as he held him in place. "How does it feel to fucked by a man beast?" Rhyno
asked grinning.

Chris gasped, not able to form a sentence as Rhyno plunged all the way inside of him with one swift thrust,
goring him on his cock. "Rhyno!" Chris cried out as his hips buckled in both pleasure and pain.

Rhyno grunted as he forced himself to not to move, allowing Chris time to adjust to his long, thick cock.

Chris whimpered, Rhyno was huge. He could tell that Rhyno was holding still, letting him adjust, but it hurt
like hell. He started to squirm and tried to pull away from Rhyno.

Rhyno growled as he slid both hands under Chris and started working his cock, roughly stroking it. One hand
found Chris' balls and he gently fondled them. Chris moaned as he felt his own orgasm approaching.

Rhyno felt Chris tense and started to thrust into him, hitting his prostate with each inward thrust, causing
Chris to cry out as Rhyno rutted on top of him, desperate for his own release.

Chris' body tensed and shook as he splattered the sheets with his seed, gasping for air as Rhyno's strong hand
milked him of every drop.

Chris cried out in pain as Rhyno grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head backwards as he fucked
him hard and fast.

Chris was to the point of tears. He had never been fucked so hard or so thorough before. Damn, Rhyno really
was a man beast. His man beast.

"Chris!" Rhyno growled as he released Chris' hair and gripped his hips holding him perfectly still as he shoved
harder and deeper as he exploded inside of him, his seed spurting deep within Chris, claiming him.

Chris smiled as he fell face first onto the sheets, sexually contented. He frowned as he remembered
Summerslam. "What about Sunday?" Chris asked.

"Don't worry your pretty little head," Rhyno said smiling, kissing the back of his head. "Your ass is mine, no
matter what happens. Just worry about here and now."

Chris frowned and was about to protest, but Rhyno rolled him over onto his back, spread and lifted his legs
onto his broad shoulders, and proceeded to gore him.

"Rhyno!" Chris gasped as Rhyno once again gored him with his cock.

Rhyno grinned. It was true. Chris had never pinned him and never would, but Chris was going to be the
recipient of many gores. Chris belonged to him now. He was going to make him part of the Alliance. Stephanie
was going to be really proud of him.