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By Sarah Weekes!

This story contains slash
Disclaimer: The author does not own any of the characters featured in this fic. They are being borrowed for the purpose of our entertainment.
As he lay in bed staring at the ceiling he was trying to figure out how someone in so much physical pain coud be so mentally at ease. He turned gingerly towards his lover trying to avoid lying on any briuses or cuts. He allowed his fingers to toy with the man's hair.
"So beautiful!" he murmured as his thoughts returned to earlier in the evening.
Yeah he lost the IC title to his idiot of a brother.
Yeah he hurt like hell from various ladder and chair shots.
And yeah he couldn't show his boyfriend how much he loved him thanks to one particular shot when he slipped from the ladder but as long as he could spend each night next to the man he loved nothing else mattered.
He was woken from his daydream by the amazingly soft voice from th man next to him.
"Christian OK? Christian in pain?" Rhyno asked concern instantly rising in his eyes.
Christian smiled at the man-beast and shook his head,
"Everything's fine sweetie. Go back to sleep."
"Only if Christian sleeps to."
A shy smile crossed his face as Christian lowered his head to Rhyno's chest, snuggling into his warmth.
Yeah he had lost a lot that night but as long as Rhyno was there nothing else was important.
The Next Night On Raw...
What the hell was he doing??
Christian sat watching the TV screen in shock. He knew Rhyno was pissed at Edge after the ladder match but to gore him into a steel door, for no apparent reason? That was crazy!
Rhyno sat in his locker room looking rather pleased with himself. Edhe wouldn't be bothering anyone for a while. Now there was Kurt Angle to deal with.
This would be fun.
The match was going good. Christian could see Rhyno was throwing everything he had into the match but he still couldn't understand why. Sure he had some sort of reason to go after Edge but not Kurt! Oh well at least the Olympic Twit was getting the crap kicked out of him.
*Thats* always fun to watch!
Oh Rhyno was pissed. He was going to hurt Kurt so badly so would feel it for weeks.
He needed to finish Kurt off. His baby was sitting in the hotel room all alone which wasn't right!
Kurt staggered to his feet in front of the ropes. One simple gore and the match would be over. Looking Kurt dead in the eye he gored him to the floor driving the wind out of Kurt leaving him helpless. It didn't take much to drag him to his feet and the three count was even easier. Time to see what his honey had been up to all day.
Christian was still confused when Rhyno was taking his shower. He hadn't said a word, just kissed him and gone into the bathroom. This was a little confusing, Rhyno didn't do anything without a reason.
The feeling of arms round his waist broke Christian out of his thoughts.
"You want to know why Rhyno hurt Kurt?"
Without turning Christian gently nodded his head,
"No-one calls Rhyno's baby an ugly pretty boy! Rhyno's baby is beautiful!"
The End!