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By Leah and Carley!

Title: First Night Welcome.
Authors: Leah and Carley.
Rating: R - NC-17.
D&D: We don't own anyone but Leah and Cleo. Sarah is owned by herself. The WWE Superstars are owned by themselves and WWE. No infringement intended. Leah's site... obviously. Anyone else... ask.
Summary: The girls get welcomed on their first night.
Notes: Answer to Sarah's request of WWE Superstars having a good night out. ENJOY!


Cleo Davis walked into the club the agents had directed her and her friends to, excited to be there, though nervous about meeting the people she knew to be inside. Looking around, her jaw almost dropped, the club full of the men and women they were soon to be working with.

Not to mention respected.

Turning to the women beside her, Cleo almost choked, trying hard to pretend she hadn't noticed Kurt Angle and Lance Storm making out in the corner.

"Uh... Looks like we fit right in here." She laughed nervously, her eyes on the blue orbs of her friend.

"I guess we do." Leah replied laughing. Looking around she couldn't help but smile as she looked at the guys in the room. And their physiques, built bodies... firm asses.

She noticed Cleo and Sarah looking the same. "So what are we going to do? Talk to them or stand here like idiots all night?" She said snapping her fingers infront of Sarah's face to awake her form her daydream. "You may want to clean the drool from your chin, sweetie." She warned before smiling as a couple of their new work mates walked towards them.

Her eyes widening as she realised who it was, Sarah cringed, sure she was about to make a complete fool of herself. "It's..." Taking a breath and looking at her friends excitedly, she merely breathed. "It's Rhyno!"

Laughing softly at her friend, Cleo looked towards the approaching figures, smiling softly as Jeff Hardy and Terry Gerin got closer to them. "Hey." She said confidently, wanting to make a first impression that would hopefully have them avoiding the hazing.

"Nice to meet you guys." Terry spoke in a soft deep voice. He shook each of the three girls hands.

"You, too." Leah replied as she shook his hand. Her eyes drifted to the other man that stood by Terry.

Jeff Hardy.

Quickly looking away she smiled at Sarah and winked as she dropped her head onto her shoulder, suddenly feeling the need for some support.

Sarah stared dumbstruck as he took her hand, her mouth barely functioning as she whispered, "You, too." Finally snapping out of it as Leah's head rest on her shoulder. She reached up, stroking her hair softly, her eyes still fastened on the man before her.

With a soft nod, Cleo smiled wickedly. "Nice to meet you, Terry." Smiling at his companion, she leaned forward, kissing his cheek. "You, too." She smiled once more, her eyes taking in the people in the club, lighting up as she saw who she was looking for, almost melting on the spot.

Following the young woman's eyes, Jeff laughed softly, watching as Kevin Nash spoke with his friends. "Have a crush do we?" He asked the blonde, laughing at her blush, shaking her hand before turning to her friends. "Hey." He shook the hand of the dark haired woman, laughing as she returned the hand shake, her eyes still trained firmly on his friend.

Shaking his head, he looked at the woman with her head on the dark ones shoulder. "Hey," he spoke softly, taking her hand and kissing it. "Jeff. You are?"

Leah lifted her head. "Me?" She managed to stutter, "Oh... I'm... Umm.... Leah.... I think..." She mumbled, turning red as his lips touched the back of her hand. Quickly taking her hand back and standing straight beside her friends.

Terry looked at the three woman before his eyes fixed on the dark haired one who stood in the middle. "So, would you like to come get a drink? Or dance or something?"

Sarah looked from Cleo to Leah and nodded. Terry took her hand and led her away. He didn't lead her to the drinks table but to the tall blonde haired man who stood in a group. "Hey Kev, you got a fan over there!"

"Which one?" The member of the nWo asked as he looked around to the three people by the door. "I take it the blonde? As the other is to busy drooling over Little Hardy?"

"Yeah that's the one." Terry said smiling and leading Sarah towards one corner of the room.

More than a little nervous, Sarah looked around her, looking anywhere but at the man now leading her towards a darkened table.

Smiling softly at Terry as he brought their drinks back, Sarah thought of something that would sound remotely intelligent to say. "So... Uh... Hey. I can't wait to debut."

"I bet you can't." Terry said watching the woman as she sipped her drink. "So, watcha gonna be wearing to the ring then?" He asked, trying to lighten the mood as a silence began to fall.

Almost choking on her drink at the question, Sarah put the glass down, trying vainly not to cough. "Sweat pants and a tank top. I'm a wrestler, not T&A."

"Hey, I know that. Just trying to make conversation. Relax." He said calmly as he took her hand and kissed it softly.

Feeling a little stupid, Sarah smiled softly. "Sorry. I just have a thing about that crap."

"It's okay." Terry smiled at her warmly, "So, tell me about you. What the hell made you want to be a wrestler? Trust me, a broken neck? No fun."

Slight sympathy tainting her features, Sarah spoke softly. "I'm sorry about your neck. But this is something I've always wanted to do." Getting more confident, she relaxed. "Since I was a kid, I've wanted to get out in front of that crowd, the emotion is amazing... and I love this entire industry."

"I know what you mean." Terry replied instantly. "Why do you think I came back? The only thing that kept me training through the pain was knowing that one day I could get back in that ring to do what I love to do."

"Glad to hear it," Sarah spoke softly. "I missed you when I was watching. Yes, I've always wanted to do this," the girl giggled softly. "But I've been a life long fan."

"Nothing like a dream come true, huh?" His voice suddenly softened as he looked into the eyes of the woman opposite him.

As his hand covered hers, Sarah turned her hand, letting her fingers intertwine with his. "Nope." She looked directly into his eyes. "Nothing like a dream come true."

"Is this a dream come true?" He asked, leaning over and kissing her softly on her rosy lips.

Almost melting into his touch, Sarah merely moaned into his mouth, almost breathless as she pulled away, the word a whisper. "Dance?"

Terry nodded and pulled Sarah to her feet, joining the big group of wrestlers on the floor. Sarah smiled as she spotted Leah with Jeff, laughing as her slightly younger friend ran her hands over Jeff's ass. Still chuckling as she and Terry danced to the music.

Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, she looked at the man in her arms, almost overcome with passion as she acted quickly, pressing her lips to his.

Happy to greet her lips, Terry kissed her back, tracing them with his tongue as she parted them, allowing him access. The pair moved slowly, as their mouths made love to each other.

Holding her tighter to him, Terry pulled away, almost breathless, his words a mere whisper. "Welcome to the company."

He slid his hand from around Sarah's waist to her ass, which he squeezed tightly as he recaptured her lips, and pulled her against his obvious enjoyment, making her moan against his mouth.

Enjoying his attention, Sarah pushed herself further into him, wanting more of his touch. Wanting to be closer to the object of her heightened desire.

Terry's arms spread to across the small of her back and across the top as he pulled her whole body tight against him, loving the feeling of her breasts pressing against his chest.

Moaning softly at his skilled touched, Sarah looked up at him, her desire almost overwhelming her as she near whimpered. "Please."

Granting her wish he lowered his lips to her neck whilst his hands masterfully worked on the belt that held her snug jeans up. Slowly he slipped a hand in, rubbing her already wet womanhood through the fabric of her panties.

Moaning loudly, she threw her head back, the pleasure coursing through her almost to much to bare. Pushing herself as far onto his hand as she could, she whimpered softly, never having wanted anything quite as much.

Her hands went for his belt and undid it with difficulty as she could barely stand on her legs anymore. Her body weight falling against him as he continued his gentle assault on love nest.

Thrashing almost wildly at his touch, Sarah groaned, wanting more of what he was giving her. "Please," she whispered once more.

Slowly he pushed her back against the table they had occupied. He sat her on it and pulled her jeans down and her wet panties. Before she tried to help him with his.

Chuckling slightly at her shaking hands, Sarah looked up, her eyes showing that, despite her bodies reactions, she wanted this. Wrapping her hands around his neck, she pulled him down, moaning into his mouth as his hardened cock rubbed against her.

His thumb pads rubbing her nipples as he kissed her, Terry slowly entered her with his needy manhood, groaning softly as he began to thrust.

Feeling his cock slid in and out of her, Sarah threw her head back, panting softly, her hands gripping at him needily, wanting him to push her over the edge.

As Terry thrust into her the table rocked with them, both gripping at each other, urging each other on as they neared their needed release.

Gripping his hair, Sarah bit her lip, stopping herself from screaming as her body tightened, pleasure flushing her entire system as he continued to thrust into her.

Not needing more than the look of ecstasy on Sarah's face, Terry came hard into her. His body trembling as the pleasure filled him. His lips searching for hers as their bodies came to rest. Sweaty and shaky Terry removed himself from her. "You're amazing, baby." Was all he could whisper into her ear as he tried to regain control of his erratic breathing.

Almost melting, even more than she already had, at his words, Sarah stared up into his dark eyes. "That was amazing," she giggled softly, beginning to pull her clothes on as she finally realised the amount of people there was around them. "I'm going to enjoy it here."

"I bet you will." Terry replied and kissed her one last time before he pulled her, now dressed, from the table.

Smiling at him one last time as she dusted down her clothes, Sarah leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek, her words soft. "See you around." She winked before she left, the fact clear to the both of them...

And they knew...

They'd be doing more than just seeing each other around.



Rolling her eyes, Cleo stared at her friend that was now sitting at a table, then at her friend staring into emerald eyes, a sigh escaping her. "I'll just go buy myself a drink, huh?" Throwing her hands in the air, she walked away from them, making her way to the bar, her eyes drifting to the tall blonde as she passed.

Kevin watched as the blonde walked by. His eyes following her butt as she walked to the bar. After excusing himself from the his group of friends he walked over to her, standing behind her and placing his hands on her hips. Leaning down with his lips by her ear he whispered. "So, can I get you a drink pretty lady?"

Freezing as he touched her, Cleo almost melted back into his chest, the husky voice going through her entire body. "Uh," normally the loudest of the three, she stuttered, not daring to turn and see who the voice belonged to. She already knew.

Kevin Nash.

Taking a deep breath, she attempted to speak once more. "Su-Sure."

"You going to tell me what you'd like or am I guessing?" He asked coolly as he moved from behind her, leaning at the bar beside her.

Looking up, she almost stopped breathing as her eyes met his, replying as coolly as he had asked. "Take a wild guess."

"Well, I'm guessing you're not into wine, about straight vodka? It's what I'm having." He suggested, having no clue what the young woman wanted, though sensing a drinker within her.

"If you're man enough to drink it," she smirked softly at the older man, raising her eyebrows, her attitude having returned. "Then I'll drink it. Fill me up."

"Is that a challenge?" He teased in a suggestive voice, raising his eyebrows at the blonde, not sure whether to be insulted by her words.

"Take it as you wish, old man." She replied, her tone teasing. "By the way, I'm Cleo."

"Well, nice to meet you. And less of the old sweetheart, trust me, I'm anything but old, in every way possible." He smirked softly, lowering his face to hers. "Round one?" He asked as they were given their drinks.

Raising her eyebrows, Cleo looked at him, her tone half mocking. "Every way possible, huh?" Picking up the shot, she downed it quickly, fighting back the grimace rising within her. "Round two."

After downing his, somewhat feeling as if he was in a competition, Kevin got the bartenders attention and put two fingers up, pointing to the glasses. "Every way possible, sweetheart." He replied to her earlier words, waiting for the glasses to be filled. Downing his, and watching as she did the same, he asked, "More?"

Nodding, then drinking the next just as quickly, Cleo smirked. "Bring it on, baby."

Returning the smirk, Kevin spoke quietly. "Baby, I like the sound of that one. And as for bringing it on, I think I might just do that."

Getting her sixth shot and downing it, Cleo stared at him, a wicked gleam soon entering her eyes. "Bring it on, baby. Bring. It. On."

Doing just as she asked, Kevin ran a hand up Cleo's leg and caressed her thigh, an almost evil gleam shining brightly in his eyes as he leant down, kissing her fiercely.

Shocked, yet pleased at his actions, Cleo smirked slightly as she moved away from him, getting to her feet, swaying slightly before gripping his arm, her words soft. "Dance with me."

"Pleasure." The word was soft as he gripped her hips, guiding her to the dance floor where they swayed to the music, half from dancing and half from the drink kicking in.

As the music changed, Cleo moved, her hands running up his chest before gripping his shoulders. She smiled at him suggestively as she pushed herself into him, then moving out as she moved down his body.

Smiling to himself as her hands went to his buckle, Kevin could only moan as she teased him, massaging him with her hand.

Enjoying the soft moans that were emitting from his mouth, Cleo upped her ministrations, slipping her hand into his pants once she undone his belt, a soft smirk on her face as her eyes met his shocked orbs.

"Here?" He asked in a husky voice, though tainted with shock. As he looked into her eyes, he could see that was exactly what she had planned, and hell, who was he to object? Before he knew what he was doing he was arching into her touch, suddenly needing more of what she was giving him.

Pleased with his response, Cleo pushed herself as close to his body as she could manage, softly stroking his cock as she stared at him. Keeping up her ministrations, she leaned forward, kissing him with force before pulling away, biting his lip as she did so, what she wanted evident.

After she made it clear to him, he reached out and ripped open the shirt she was wearing, glad to see someone hadn't fully dressed after a shower.

Not even bothering to look around them, Cleo wrapped her arms around his neck, hoisting herself up until her legs were wrapped around his waist, her hands tangling in his hair as she kissed him, pushing down on his erection, annoyed at the fabric between them.

Almost as if he knew what she was thinking his hands pushed the skirt up around her waist, ripping the fabric in the process. Still, the fabric of her panties annoying the both of them. But Kevin's strong hand soon ripped them and ridded her of the garment.

With one hand firmly around his neck, she pulled at his pants, moaning half in pleasure, half in release when she finally managed to pull the button free, pushing the zip down as quickly as possible, groaning when his hands stopped her.

Smiling at her frustration he took over the task for her, pushing his pants to his knees and freeing his throbbing, needy member. Gripping her hips he lowered her onto himself. Moaning loudly as her heat surrounded him.

Having to lean forward and bite him through his shirt to stop the loud moan escaping from her, Cleo breathed heavily, waiting a few minutes before squirming upon him. Kissing him softly as she moved, encouraging him to thrust harder.

Gripping her hips, Kevin held her as he thrust into her, moving her up and down onto himself. He, himself becoming more and more frantic in his thrusts.

Holding him tightly, she bit his shoulder, almost screaming out as her orgasm approached her, her pants growing deeper, her body sweaty.

Kevin, too sweaty, thrust into the blonde who was wrapped around his waist, and manhood. Her teeth biting into his skin only driving him on, knowing both of their orgasms hung close.

Tightening around him, Cleo bit him harder, screaming into his skin as her body screamed with her release, then going slack in his arms.

All it took was Cleo's walls connecting around his cock to send him into paradise. His cries muffled in her hair as his seed filled her. Not knowing if he had the strength to take her weight he slowly pulled himself from her, gaining a moan of disappointment. But she let her feet drop and slowly took her own weight on her shaky legs.

Holding onto his arm, she steadied herself, her eyes shining with the aftermath of her orgasm. Taking a few seconds to catch her breath and think straight, she finally looked up to him, "Wow..."

"Yeah." He spoke back. "You know, feel free to come by locker room anytime you like sweetheart." His husky voice low, but still sending shivers down Cleo's spine.

Smirking at him, she leaned up, placing a soft kiss on his cheek her lips trailing upto his ear to whisper. "Expect company." She pulled away, her eyes flashing as she looked at him, then turning, making her way back to her friends, knowing it would happen...

Knowing the locker room of Kevin Nash would be a place she'd visit often.


Watching as her friends walked away, Jeff laughed at the stuttering beauty before him, taking her hand once more and holding it tightly. "Hey Leah. Can I buy you a drink?"

Trying to get her mouth into gear to actually reply to the man who was holding her hand, her eyes seemed stuck in his, Leah stuttered once more. "I... uh... you..." Realising what an idiot she was making of herself she shut up and shyly smiled as Jeff continued to look at her. Finally seeming to regain the ability to speak. "Yeah, you can."

Chuckling at her stuttering, Jeff smiled, pulling her over to the nearest bar to them. "Whatcha havin'?"

As Leah sat onto the bar stool, suddenly every drink name in the world left her. She turned to look at the bottles behind the bar. "Uh... rum and coke, please." She asked as Jeff called the bartender over.

"Ordering the drinks, Jeff turned to her, talking as the bartender got them. "So, how do you feel about your debut? It'll be good to have a stable purely of women." He chuckled softly, his emerald eyes lighting up with the gesture.

Leah smiled as she watched him. "Well... I'm happy to see we'll be wanted." Trying not to look an idiot Leah wiped her ear to ear grin off of her face.

"But of, course." Jeff chuckled, passing her the drink. "We need some women around here besides Jazz. Trish is off on Smackdown feuding with Stacy, Amy's out, and the others are barely used. It'd be totally cool."

"I just hope that we all got put on the same show. We haven't been told yet. I'd be lost without them two." She said sighing as she looked down into her drink.

"Shit." The younger Hardy looked slightly shocked. "They haven't told you? Shit. Then I just have. The three of you are gonna form a fraction. You're gonna be a stable."

"Cool, as long as we're together. I was worried. I've never travelled with anyone but them." Looking up from her drink she turned to face him. "So, why are you on your own? Actually let me guess, Matt with Amy?"

Chuckling softly, Jeff nodded. "Yup. You done your homework, huh?" With another soft chuckle, he spoke softly. "I was gonna go with him, but he wants some time alone with Amy." Shaking his head softly, he asked her. "So... nervous?"

"Very. What if I fall and bust my knee or something? That would be so like me!" Leah said finishing the rest of her drink. "I just want to get it over and done with. You know?"

"I know," he responded quietly. "But you'll be fine. Good luck."

"Thanks." She said spoke as she stood up. "You wanna dance?"

Standing beside her, Jeff nodded, taking her hand and pulling her to the dance floor. Placing his hands on her hips, he moved to the music, pulling her closer towards him.

As they danced Jeff left his hands on her hips, loving the way she moved so close to him. "This wasn't the kind I had in mind." Leah whispered into his ear. Moving her head back to watch the smile spread across his face.

She pulled away from him and went to the DJ, requesting a slow song. As she returned to Jeff it began to play. "This is what I had in mind." She said as she placed her arms around Jeff's neck and he wrapped his around her waist, pressing their bodies tight together.

Pulling her closer still, Jeff growled softly as she moved against him, his desire evident from the bulge tenting his pants.

Smiling to herself Leah brushed her lips over his, before kissing him passionately. As he moaned against her, further exciting him she rubbed her hips firmly against his.

A soft moan escaping him at the friction her simple action caused, Jeff gripped her hips tighter, pressing his lips to hers in a fierce, desperate manner.

Responding to him, Leah gladly parted her lips. His velvet tongue sliding between them as she held onto the back of his head, holding his lips to hers.

Almost losing himself in her touch, one that was new to him, Jeff gripped her tightly, holding her as closely against him as possible, letting her know of his evident desire.

Feeling him against her, Leah could hardly catch her breath. Jeff Hardy wanted her. And she wanted him. Now.

Looking into the shining orbs of the beauty before him, Jeff could barely contain himself. All he wanted to do was rip her clothes off and fuck her until she screamed his name. Right here. Right now.

Not caring that she was in the middle of a room of future work mates, hell they were all at it, too! Kurt and Lance, Steph and Trish. She ran her hands up under his shirt and ran her hands over the soft flesh before playing with his nipples, loving the sound of the deep moan that escaped his lips.

Throwing his head back at her touch, Jeff growled softly, her actions only heightening his already strong desire. Gripping her tighter, he crushed her lips with his own, his hands snaking into her pants to toy with her wet, sensitive nub.

Moaning loudly against his lips she arched her back, seeking more of his touch. As his finger slowly moved over her, teasing her she nearly screamed out in frustration. She needed him. Badly.

Sensing her frustration, Jeff almost chuckled, pushing one, then two fingers inside of her. As she moaned loudly, he leant forward, his breath hot against her skin. "What'd ya want, honey?"

Feeling his fingers moving in her she nearly screamed at him, what the hell did he think she wanted? "You." Was the only way her voice would let her respond. Smiling as he used his free hand to undo the tie at the back of her halter neck. He sucked on one nipple as she used her hands to undo his pants pushing them down far enough to cup and rub at his erection.

Growling softly at the sudden intensity in his desire, Jeff bent his knees slightly, gripping her hips as he pushed up, moaning as her tight heat surrounded him.

Almost a growl escaped from Leah's swollen lips. "Please Jeff..." She moaned incoherently as he kissed her. His thrusting movements causing her to close her eyes as she couldn't focus on anything but the pleasure soaring through her.

The look on her face urging him on, Jeff gripped her tighter, thrusting into her quickly as he put a hand between them, playing with her clit, wanting to get them both off, though at the same time trying not to bring to much attention to them.

She had to cover his mouth with hers to stop the moaning that was brought from her as she ground her hips down against his, the need for release overwhelming her, as the tingling in the bottom of her stomach began.

Sensing her orgasm approaching as quickly as his, Jeff upped his ministrations, thrusting harder as his hand toyed with her. Wrapping one hand around her head, her moaned loudly into her mouth, his body almost collapsing as his orgasm overtook him.

As she felt Jeff's release in her and his fingers working her clit she had to hold herself to him as her orgasm slammed through her body. Her teeth biting down on Jeff's bottom lip as the waves of pleasure went through her.

Taking a few seconds to compose himself, Jeff was surprised to find himself still on his feet. Looking down at the tired looking, sweaty woman in his arms, he smiled softly. "Welcome to the company, Leah."

Smiling as she fixed her clothing, Leah spoke through her soft grin. "Thanks. I'm glad I'm here. Something tells me this is gunna work out just fine." She said leaning up to meet his lips.

Returning the gesture, Jeff squeezed her softly, whispering his goodbye as she made her way over to her friends, his eyes following her every move, his body knowing...

With her there...

Everything would be just fine.


Approaching her friends that were stood at the bar, their heads lowered, their bodies moving in silent giggles, Sarah couldn't help the small laugh that emitted from her. "You have fun, too?" She laughed once more, "You guys get welcomed?"

"Oh yeah, I got welcomed big time!" Leah said laughing with Sarah. "We should have got here months ago!" Both the girls turned to Cleo. She stood in a daze. "C.L.E.O." Leah said giggling. "Don't ya think?"

Shaking her head, and wiping the thoughts of her previous encounter from her mind, Cleo turned to her friends. "Huh?"

Laughing loudly, Sarah shook her head. "I think maybe she got the best night she's ever had," the girl shook her head once more. "What the fuck am I saying? *I* had the best night of my life!"

"Join the club!" Leah said laughing. "I never knew guys could be so... so..." Leah gave up trying to speak and dropped her head to the bar. Once she lifted it she tried again. "There is something about that guy, nobody has EVER done that to me before! Jesus, I've only ever been with a guy in the bedroom! But he got me in the middle of the bloody dance floor surrounded by people I'm going to be working with!"

Laughing softly at her friends slight incoherency, Cleo spoke up. "No guy has ever made me... fuck me. No one has ever made me cum so damn hard without actually playing with me a little... ya know?"

Sarah nodded, her eyes going to the man she had been with only minutes before. "I know exactly what you mean."

Leah watched as Sarah smiled at Terry. Noticing the silly grin they were both wearing. "He can do that to me anytime he likes!" Leah said looking around for Jeff. Noticing him sitting on his own in the far corner, playing with a beer mat.

"Me, too!" Cleo chimed in, her eyes watching every move the tall blonde standing with his friends was making. "That was the best welcome I've ever received."

"Goes straight to the top of my list." Leah said happily, but not quite as happy as her friends. Jeff sat looking sad in the corner. Telling herself she was just imagining things, she turned her back and rested against the bar.

Following her friends eyes, Sarah spoke, "Leah, you know he's fine. And you'll see him tomorrow. Don't worry."

Finally taking her eyes from the man who had previously pleasured her, Cleo looked over at her friends words, a soft giggle escaping her. "He just misses your tight pussy..."

Leah couldn't help but laugh. She knew she was worrying over nothing. "Well, if he plays his cards right he won't be missing it for long." She said smirking as she ordered another drink for the three of them. "So, you looking forward to work now then?"

"Now?" Cleo laughed softly, "What? Now I'm invited to the locker room of Kevin Nash anytime I wish? Hell fucking yes!" The blonde laughed once more, downing the alcohol she was given. "But My God, am I tired."

Sarah nodded in agreeance. "I'm looking forward to work... And Terry, too, of course." She looked over at him once more, smirking softly. "And to what Terry does... But I'm absolutely knackered, too."

"You're tired? God, I couldn't sleep if I tried!" Leah announced finishing her drink. "So, do you guys want to find a hotel then?" She asked as she picked up her bag.

"Find a hotel?" The blondes eyes widened slightly, "We have to find a hotel? We don't have one?"

Sarah felt the same panic rising within her. "It's almost two in the morning! We're not gonna find a hotel at two in the morning! We're fucking screwed!" Her voice rose with every word, catching the attention of the few people left in the club.

"We've been more than that!" Leah said under her breath, just loud enough for the other two to hear. Cleo smirked with her and Sarah looked around. "Sarah, didn't we ask you to get us one? Or find out if we had one?"

"No!" Sarah almost screamed, more than a little worried about being stuck on the streets in a town she didn't know. "Oh fucking bollocks." The girl screamed, her English accent getting the attention of every person in the club.

"You're telling me we have no where to sleep?" Cleo looked at both, failing to notice the people approaching them "I am NOT sleeping on the fucking streets!"

"And you think I am?" Leah yelled back, surprised when she felt hands on her hips. "Unless we have three knights in shining armour here." She whispered, knowing Jeff was behind her, and she could see Kevin and Terry behind the others.

Freezing as the hands came to rest on her hips, Cleo felt relief go through her, speaking without turning. "Do we have somewhere to stay?"

Already knowing the situation, having heard the English yell, Jeff nodded, squeezing Leah. "You can stay with me. And I'm sure the others wouldn't mind, huh?" He asked as Kevin and Terry nodded.

"Thank you!" Cleo and Sarah yelled in unison, both turning and hugging the men behind them.

Leah looked back around at Jeff, who was now smiling and that itself made Leah smile. "Thanks." She said softly as he kissed her.

"Why don't we all get going then?" Terry suggested as he stood at Sarah's side.

"Good idea." Kevin agreed. "For some reason, I'm tired." He said as he looked down and winked at Cleo.

Chuckling slightly, the blonde teased. "That's because you're old. Get used to it."

Slightly surprised at her teasing, Jeff looked upto Kevin's face, unsure of his response, though shrugging anyway as he turned back to Leah. "You're welcome."

Not able to hold back his smile Kevin grinned, tickling her sides.

Smiling up at Jeff, Leah replied softly, her lips at his ear. "I'll thank you for it later."

Terry took Sarah's hand and looked down at her. "So, do I get thanked too?"

Having been watching her friends, and smiling softly at the devious grins that covered both Cleo, and Jeff's faces, Sarah turned, leaning up and kissing him on the cheek. "Thank you."

"You're more than welcome." He said then whispering something into her ear, making her smile. He then excused them from the group. Once they had moved away he kissed her passionately.

Responding with the same passion, Sarah tangled her fingers in his hair, relieved that she didn't have to sleep on the streets. "Seriously," she breathed softly as she pulled away. "I appreciate this."

Not able to get the smile from his face he could only simply answer. "I know." As she smiled back at him, their eyes locking. "How about we go back to my hotel room and I can appreciate you some more?" He watched as Sarah's eyes lighted up and she nodded her agreement.

Watching her friends leave, then following Terry from the club, Sarah smiled softly. Although anticipating the rest of her stay with the WWE, she knew this day would always stand out in her mind.

This night...

Their first night welcome.