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By Kelly!

Rating: PG-13...Slash
Disclaimer: I own nobody and nothing
Notes: I am never ever doing this again!!

Sitting in the corner of the locker room Terry buried his head in his towel, partly to wipe the sweat from his face but mostly to block out the other activities going on around him. He really didn't mind, he'd heard the rumours and now he know they were true. He saw first hand the relationships the wrestlers had they made no secret of it.

Lifting his head he looked over to the far corner of the room and saw Chris and Mark. They'd been together for a while now, probably the most real relationship of them all. He watched as Mark slowly caressed Chris's face and whispered something into his ear that brought the sweetest smile to the face of the younger blonde who in return gentley raised to his feet to place a kiss on the lips of his lover.  They were really in love, it wasn't just the sex with them , like it was for most of the locker room, they belonged together.

Turning his attention to the opposite corner , what he saw there couldn't have been further from the feeling between Mark and Chris. It was Hunter, Hunter and Kevin. He couldn't really work those to out, they always seemed to end up together even though they were always in competition, always trying to outdo each other, almost as if they were trying to prove they were in control. He watched from his corner as Kevin forced Hunter up against the wall and roughly grabbed hold of his face whilst forcing himself on Hunter's lips, pulling away just as he responded and holding him at arms length. A deep yet quiet  laugh emerging from the throat of Kevin. Terry sat back and sighed to himself, I guess Kevin won that round, and from the lust in Hunter's eyes Terry guessed that they wouldn't be seeing much of those two tonight.

Terry reached for his eyes and rubbed them gently as much to stop the tears from coming as to relieve the tiredness he felt. Before he'd joined the WWE he'd heard all the rumours about the locker room and he couldn't wait to get there and get some for himself, but for some reason he got nothing. He'd been here for over a year and still no one had shown any interest in him, he tried everything he could think of. He'd tried playing the hard man, the bitch, tried to take control of events but nothing, so he'd tried feigning ignorance, pretending he didn't really know what was going on but desperately hoping someone would seduce him and introduce him to the locker room fun.

Turning his back on the locker room he began packing his bag, he wanted to get out of there as soon as he could. He reached down and zipped up his bag. and was about to leave when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey Terry, just wanted to say that was a pretty brutal match you put on out there, you hurting?"

"Umm no not really, just a bit tender I guess that chair shot hit me a little harder than I thought"

"Yeah?...well maybe we can do something about that"

Terry gasped and he felt himself being pushed back down on the bench. He felt those strong yet soft hands reaching for his neck as they slowly massaged away his tension. He couldn't help but release a low groan as he felt they hands moving lower towards his chest and slowly working beneath his open shirt.

Taking the bait Terry stood up from the bench and looked into the deep eyes of the man stood before him. Unable to move he stood motionless as those hands reached for his face and slowly pushed away the strands of hair surrounding his face. Terry inhaled sharply as he saw two lips just inches away from his own, suspended in time for what seemed like an eternity before they finally pressed down on his own in the sweetest of kisses, gently brushing against his lips before becoming more forceful, more demanding. Feeling the pressure Terry parted his lips and allowed the hungry tongue into his mouth as it explored every inch of his mouth terry felt his knees begin to weaken and began top pull away reaching out for the wall behind him to steady himself.

Laughing hoarsely at Terrys reaction, he leant forward and whispered into his ear.

"How about we carry this on in my room? It's a little crowded in here"

Terry felt the key card being pushed into his hand and a smile crossed his lips as he slowly nodded his head, grabbed his bag and headed for the door.

"Hey" yelled Hunter

"What was that all about?"

Grinning slightly Al turned to face Hunter

"Well you know its been a while since I gave a mercy fuck and he looks like he needs one"

Laughing loudly Hunter shouted

"Well Al looks like you got yourself some action for the night, go enjoy yourself"

Walking over to the door Al allowed himself to grin at the prospect of the night ahead. Sure he'd felt sorry for Terry, it was obvious to anyone they he wanted in on the action, but after that kiss Al had a feeling this was gonna be more than a one night stand................