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By Kay!

Rating: NC17
Content: Slash m/m
Disclaimer: Don't own the wrestlers, Vince does. *pouts* I don't know their true sexual preference, so please
don't sue.
Spoilers: Wrestlemania 2001

Rhyno seduces Edge, the only way he knows how, manbeast style.
Rhyno practically knocked Edge down as he raced into the bathroom. "ME FIRST!" He growled as he
slammed the door shut.
Edge rolled his eyes and fell backwards on the bed. "Hurry up Rhyno!" Why did he always get stuck
baby-sitting the Rhyno, when Christian and Kurt were out celebrating at the Wrestlemania party. He smiled
as he looked at his belt. At least they were the champions again, thanks to Rhyno. Maybe he shouldn't be so
mad at him, after all, he did call the shower first.
Fifteen minutes later, Rhyno opened the door and came out, a huge cloud of steam followed him. Edge gasped
as he looked at his friend who was stark naked. He stared at the huge, thick shaft that swayed between
Rhyno's muscular thighs. He blushed as he turned his head. "Rhyno, cover up!"
"I like naked," Rhyno said with a grunt as he walked over to his bed, smiling as he watched his friend fidget
nervously. He could actually smell Edge's arousal, knowing that the tall blonde liked what he saw.
Edge felt his pants grow tighter and dashed for the bathroom, glancing back to see Rhyno casually laying
back on his bed staring at the TV. Edge could see his thick cock jutting up from it's dark curly nest.
Extremely turned on, Edge quickly tore his eyes away from the view.
Rhyno grinned as he heard Edge lock the bathroom door. He stroked his cock, he had to come out of there
sooner or later. He could wait.
Edge sighed as the cold water slowly extinguished the fire in his loins that Rhyno had started. As he lathered
up his body, he remembered the size of Rhyno's cock and cursed himself as he felt himself getting hard again.

Rhyno waited patiently. He frowned as he looked at the clock. Edge had been in there nearly an hour. He was
about to check on him when he heard the door unlock. He quickly maneuvered himself so Edge would have a
perfect view of his cock as he walked out. He brushed his hair over his face so that he could watch Edge while feigning sleep.

Edge slowly walked into the room cursing himself for forgetting his sweats and shivering as the coolness of
the room caressed his skin.

Rhyno held back his smile as he heard Edge gasp. 'Got ya,' he thought. Edge was interested. He watched
through squinted eyes as Edge walked over to him and looked down at him. Rhyno looked at the tall, blonde
Adonis that stood before him, covered only by a towel that was riding low on his hips. Rhyno could smell him,
fresh and defiantly aroused.
Acting on impulse, Rhyno reached up and yanked Edge's towel away, tossing it to the side. He grabbed his
shocked friend and pulled him onto his bed, pinning him underneath him.
"Like what you see?" Rhyno asked teasing as he leaned down and sucked on Edge's exposed throat, gently
biting the soft skin. Rhyno smiled, most people thought he was stupid, but he knew what he wanted. He was
a patient man. Playing the strong, dumb beast had gotten him this close to Edge.
"Rhyno, get off me!" Edge growled, trying to push the more muscular man away.

Rhyno held him firmly as his thick muscular legs forced Edge's long and slender ones apart. Edge couldn't
believe the strength of the man, he held him down as if he was a child. "Rhyno, stop," Edge begged, finally
realizing that he couldn't match Rhyno's strength.
"Rhyno want to rut with you," Rhyno said trying to hold back the smile that was forming on his face. God, this
Rhyno/manbeast angle was great sometimes. He held back the laughter as he saw the fear in his friend's
"Rhyno, no!" Edge said shocked, trying to close his legs.
Rhyno smiled as his cock brushed against Edge's, causing the blonde man to moan softly at the electrifying
sensation. The moan sent shivers down Rhyno's spine as he continued his act. "Rhyno wants to fuck."
"Forget it Rhyno! Not me!" Edge said squirming as he tried desperately to get free, but before he could
protest any further, Rhyno flipped him onto his hands and knees.
Edge gasped as he felt the huge head of Rhyno's cock rubbing against his very unlubed entrance. "NO!" Edge
growled, trying to pull away. "You can't take me dry!" Edge gasped.
"Me not stupid," Rhyno said with a huge grin as he dangled a bottle of lube up where Edge could see it. Edge
sighed, but jumped as Rhyno squirted some of the cold, thick fluid into his crack. Edge squirmed as Rhyno
inserted a huge slippery finger into him, probing him until he found just the right spot. Edge jerked and
moaned as the finger found his sweet spot.
Rhyno growled as he added another finger. He started finger fucking Edge hard and fast, causing him to
moan and grind his hips against them, wanting more, much more. After a few minutes of this, Rhyno
abruptly removed them eliciting a groan of disappointment from Edge.
Edge jumped as he felt Rhyno lay down on his back and slide underneath him. Rhyno's hands gripped his hips
forcing him to remain still as he gently forced Edge's hips lower.
Edge jumped as he felt Rhyno's huge tongue lap at his quivering opening, his surprise turning to soft moans
as the thick tongue slid inside of him, tasting him. Damn, was everything big on Rhyno? "Oh
FUCK.....Rhyno...," Edge gasped as Rhyno fucked him with his tongue.
Rhyno grinned as his tongue slid out of Edge and trailed downwards to Edge's balls, licking and sucking at
them. Edge tried to move, but Rhyno growled as he held him firmly in place with his massive arms. He moved
on to Edge's cock, nuzzling his face in it's blonde nest of curls, pausing briefly before he raised up and engulfed
Edge's entire length as it dangled in front of him.
Edge jerked forward, almost losing his balance as Rhyno sucked him hard. Edge was close to exploding, and
Rhyno must have sensed it, because he reluctantly let Edge's lovely cock slip from his mouth. He noticed that
Edge's breathing was rapid. Smiling, he knew Edge wouldn't stop now even if he could.
Rhyno smiled as he licked his way up to Edge's belly button, letting his tongue flicker in and out of it. His
tongue continued to trail upwards to Edge's smooth torso as he scooted his body upwards, forcing Edge's legs
wider open. Edge shuddered in pain as Rhyno latched onto one of his nipples, biting and tugging at it as he
Rhyno grinned as he looked down and saw that his cock was perfectly aligned with Edge's tight puckered
opening. He grabbed Edge by the waist and slowly forced his hips downwards.
Edge gasped as he felt the head of it slip inside of him. Fuck! Rhyno was huge. Rhyno growled, forcing himself
to take it slow with Edge. Slowly he pushed more of his huge cock into him.
Edge put his hands on Rhyno's chest as he sat astride of him, "Wait....Oh, God.... you're huge....," Edge
whispered breathlessly as he felt like he was being ripped apart.
"Now you know why they call me Rhyno, baby," he said with a huge proud grin as he thrust upwards.
Edge screamed, but Rhyno stifled it by yanking his head down by the long blonde strands, and claiming his
mouth in a possessive kiss as he started to ram his whole length into him.
Edge squirmed uncomfortably as he tried to adjust to Rhyno's size. He had never been so completely filled
like this before. Rhyno gripped Edge's hips as he began to thrust in and out of him, enjoying how Edge was
jerking and squirming on his cock.
Edge yelped in pain as Rhyno abruptly pulled all the way out of him. He moaned as Rhyno raised up and
positioned himself behind him, leaning down and once again licking and sucking at his opening.
"Rhyno want to rut hard and fast," he growled.
Edge held his breath as Rhyno closed in on his back and slammed into him hard, holding him around the
waist, keeping him from falling forward as he rammed into him.
Edge moaned as Rhyno rutted feverishly on top of him. Edge couldn't believe how much Rhyno was like a
wild animal as he thrust into him hard and fast.
Edge yelped in pain as Rhyno bit his shoulder, marking him as his.
Edge groaned as Rhyno rammed into him, he had no doubt as to who he belonged to. Rhyno wrapped his
huge hand around Edge's neglected cock that was rock hard and swaying between his legs and started
stroking it roughly.
"Edge, come now," Rhyno whispered in his ear, causing Edge to shiver and his body to tense.
"Rhyno!" Edge screamed as he came hard, spilling his seed in Rhyno's hand. The sensations were too much
for him and he passed out.
Rhyno grunted as his seed spilled deep inside of Edge, one hot spurt after another.
Several minutes later, Edge's eyes fluttered open surprised to find himself being held in Rhyno's strong arms.
Edge sighed contentedly as Rhyno stroked his hair.
Edge looked up at his friend and smiled, "Wow!"
"So you like it when I go animalistic and play the dumb, sex-crazed manbeast?" Rhyno asked with a smug
Edge nodded, smiling. Shit, his body was still trembling.
"Good. I like to rut," Rhyno said with a grin, kissing the top of Edge's head. "Go to sleep. I'll wake you in a
little bit to rut again."
Rhyno smiled as he felt Edge tense. He pulled him into a tighter embrace, throwing a muscular leg over him,
letting him feel his semi-hard cock pressing against him.
Edge sighed. Sleep?